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July 2007


by Krome & 6 others, 6 comments
L'annuaire des séries télé visionnables en streaming sur internet

June 2007

Coolstreaming TV - Make your Tv / Crea la tua Tv

by cyberien
Create your .TV site for video without a Streaming Server Manage your playlist video feed and delivery your video/text content without the use of Streaming Server because the Adobe Video Flash technology use a Buffering system where the video loading before starting a cups of seconds and after play it with the download activity. It' require a ADSL connection Customize the TV Player with your Brand Identity Customize the skin of player with your brand and turn on your .TV website and play your contents. Play .TV in any OSX, VISTA/XP and LINUX Computer based Streamcast Player is an Adobe Flash Based technology. For this reason thanks to Flash Player 9 now ready available for any Apple OSX, Windows Vista/XP and Linux computer operative system based,you can play your TV in each device without problem to download anykind dedicated video player. Import Your Video from Youtube Exclusive service!

Mobile Video Streaming Project

by Dawa
This project aims to demystify the very confusing mobile video streaming solutions. As many of you already know their is no real standard for mobile video streaming and what may work on one handset doesn’t on the other. So I feel the need to work though these issues as best as possible with community support and post my findings which will in turn hopefully help demystify mobile video streaming.

May 2007

Streaming Media - Live Streaming Audio & Video

by cyberien (via)
The World Leader In Audio and Video Streaming

Move Networks

by cyberien
Image of streaming video application. Welcome to the future of online video broadcasting and streaming. Immerse your viewers in a rich and continuous video experience. Move Networks provides break-through Move Media Services that build audiences and bind consumers to broadcasters and advertisers like never before. From video capture and ingestion through the final viewing experience, Move Networks puts your video and brand in the best possible light. While everyone agrees that the experience is what really matters, only Move Networks provides complete measurement and reporting on the actual viewing experience for every single session. Have you researched or paid for expensive online video delivery platforms and delivery services without knowing what you are getting? Current “best practices” are expensive to implement, difficult to manage, impossible to measure, and only guess as to what your viewers could and actually do experience. If video is your business, no one else can grow your business like Move Networks. 100% FREE SEX TV ONLINE 24/7

by johndodoe
Online adult TV running 24h/7 Free and without popups. Seems to works pretty well.

April 2007

Add video to your website and build a video community at

by cyberien & 2 others (via)
Build Your Own Video Channel — Free! lets you find, filter, and share videos from across the web — even upload your own — and create a branded video channel that you control. Now you can add video to your site fast, or build a video channel from scratch -- for free. * Tools We give you templates and powerful admin tools to customize your video pages. * Tools We support the integration of the popular video hosts (so you get the best videos from all across the web). * Tools We provide upload, storage, and bandwidth. Free. * Tools We make sure you have the support you need through our community forums and knowledge base. * Tools

March 2007

February 2007

VideoLAN - Free Software and Open Source video streaming solution for every OS!

by vodkacoca & 25 others
# It is a free cross-platform media player # It supports a large number of multimedia formats, without the need for additional codecs # It can also be used as a streaming server, with extended features (video on demand, on the fly transcoding, ...)

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