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Nicolas BENOIT's Homepage - Projects - MMS Ripper

by m.meixide
MMS Ripper: MMSRIP is a client for the proprietary protocol MMS://. It actually saves to a file the content being streamed. Please remember that this is not intended for real use, its existence is only and must only be documentary.

GoalBit, streaming p2p vidéo open source| Webmaster – Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet – Free Tools| Free Tools, Le meilleur des outils gratuits pour webmaster

by eledo34 & 1 other
GoalBit est un logiciel de diffusion de médias en haut débit et en direct. Pour cela l’application se base sur la technologie de Bittorrent (peer-to-peer) pour distribuer la bande passante et ainsi avoir la meilleur réception possible et une haute qualité d’image.

Stockez vos fichiers sur serveur et mettez les à disposition en streaming

by Krome & 3 others est un service de stockage de fichiers torrent, audio, vidéo, image ou document. Jusque là rien de bien impressionnant. L'innovation est qu'il suffit de coller l'adresse url de vos documents, les télécharge et les mets ensuite à votre disposition directement en streaming.


24h Berlin on The Auteurs

by mixher & 3 others
24h Berlin is television's longest programme ever: No actors, no screenplay, no tricks – just real life. A 24-hour documentary, told in real-time, airing September 5th. On that day, in 2008, a story both intimate and exotic began in Berlin, a story told from the perspective of the people. Exactly a year before today's broadcast, 80 camera teams immersed themselves in the lives of Berliners, for 24 hours.

Hobnox - Livetool

by ycc2106
Livetool becomes a mobile broadcasting studio. What you can basically do, is to select one or two cameras (the tool will automatically detect a new video source) and stream it live on your user stage of your Hobnox profile. Plus, you can select on-demand files from your user library, assign them to a slot on your storyboard and stream them live. That way, you become the director of your own live program.

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
BoostCamp provide free, instant, and disposable two-way video conferencing.


@mire - Audiovisual Streaming Module

by parmentierf
@mire’s "Audiovisual Streaming Module" enables in-browser playback of audio and video.

NITLE - Streaming Multimedia for Digital Libraries and Institutional Repositories such as DSpace

by parmentierf
As institutional repositories and digital libraries continue to grow, gain momentum, and acquire content, interest in including audio and video content in these collections is also growing. Yet managing large audio and video files can be challenging, particularly for users wishing to view or access these digital resources. Such files demand more storage and can introduce long wait periods during which files are downloaded to users' computers. Streaming servers can help campuses provide users with much more efficient access to these files, addressing the challenge of managing and using these resources.

Panda - Open source video platform

by camel & 2 others
Panda is an open source solution for video uploading, encoding and streaming. Unlike other video platforms, Panda is not just a service for encoding your videos for the web; Panda handles the whole process. From the upload form to streaming, Panda takes control. By providing an elegant REST API, Panda makes it completely painless to implement full video uploading, encoding and streaming functionality to your web application in a matter of hours. * Runs completely within Amazon's Web Services utilising EC2, S3 and SimpleDB. * Everything contained within one elegant Merb application. * Support for the numerous encoding profiles FFmpeg supports including FLV, h264 for Flash a iPhone formats. * Panda gem for painless integration with Ruby on Rails and Merb. * Lovely little admin dashboard for managing your videos.

Streamer vos vidéo et audio en direct depuis votre mobile

by keusta & 5 others
QIK est un service qui vous permettra de streamer en direct une vidéo, ou un son, que vous êtes en train de shooter avec votre téléphone mobile. Un service idéal pour faire partager vos évènement avec tout le monde.

Bits on the Run

by rickydrier & 1 other
Bits on the Run is a clear and powerful webservice for encoding, managing and streaming online video. It is easily connected to existing CMS systems, videoproduction suites and advertising networks, allowing creative companies to professionally setup their internet tv

flv streaming with lighttpd

by camel & 2 others (via)
1.4.11 got a new module for streaming Flash movie files called mod_flv_streaming. This module allows you to seek in FLV files using the high performance infrastructure of lighttpd. The idea is simple and explained and implemented on ‘Streaming’ flv video via PHP, take two at But instead of streaming the file through PHP we do it in the webserver. The module expects a request for the URL which matches flv-streaming.extensions and can handle a ’?start=’ as part of the request. The information to pass into the ‘start’ parameter is extractly by the flash-player from the meta-data of the flv-files. The meta-data can be setup with flvtool2 Now I leave it to you to combine this with mod_secdownload to create a flv-streaming server for free with deep/hot linking protected movies. server.modules = ( ..., "mod_secdownload", ## optional "mod_flv_streaming", ... ) flv-streaming.extensions = ( ".flv" ) Take the flash-player from flashcomguru and adjust the URL in the player and try yourself.

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