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by gregg
Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video. Amara makes video globally accessible



by gregg
Caption, translate, subtitle and transcribe video.



Universal Subtitles - Make subtitles, translations, and captions for almost any video.

by gregg & 1 other
Easily caption and translate your videos, with help from your viewers.

How to Burn SRT/Sub Subtitle Files to DVD on Mac

by gregg (via)
Some video players like VLC would have the option of rendering subtitles from an external file (.srt or .sub) on videos during playback. However, many embedded players, such as Xbox 360, may not have that kind of options. In such kind of case we may need to embed the subtitles in the video track, so we can Burn videos with .srt or .sub files to DVD for DVD Player on Mac.


CaptionTube: Home

by Spone & 3 others
With CaptionTube you can create captions for your YouTube videos. It’s easy to use and it’s free.



by gregg & 1 other
Subtitling made easy Merge your subtitle file with your movie and watch the subtitled movie on your iPod, iPhone, Apple TV or in iTunes. It that easy!


by gregg
RoadMovie let's you render beautiful subtitles for your movies. They will work on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV too :-).

NCAM/CC for Flash

by julie & 1 other

NCAM has developed a Flash component that can be used to display captions of Flash video and audio content. These captions are stored in external files formatted in the W3C's DFXP format which can be created with MAGpie, NCAM's free captioning application. CC for Flash can also display captions saved in Apple's QTtext format. QTtext files can be created by professional caption authoring tools, with MAGpie or with CaptionKeeper, NCAM's line-21 caption-conversion tool.


Video accessible sur le web et sous-titrage » SlideShare

by julie & 1 other
Video accessible sur le web et sous-titrage - jlcarves Quelle technologie, quels outils et quels processus "industriels" pour le sous-titrage des vidéos sur le Web.


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