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🛠 TELECHARGER - - download videos from YouTube.

by decembre
Download a video from any web page Download this video as FLV or MP4 files: • Use one of: Videovor | tip | | 9xbuddy | KeepVid | SaveFrom | Peggo tip • more: DDownr | | ← must copy/paste url Save this video as an MP3 audio file: • Use one of: DMFY | | tip | KeepVid | Conv 2MP3 warn | 2Conv warn | Peggo warn • more: DDownr | | | anything2mp3 | offmp3 Tools and Tricks: • Proxy to bypass country restriction • Check country restrictions • Bypass age restrictions • Share the YouTube page • Share this page • Share part of video • Watch with friends • Time link • Make a Gif new • Gif YouTube new • Make a GifSound combo • Loop the video on endless repeat • Horizontally flip a YouTube video. • Rotate a YouTube video. -90° 90° 180° • Download subtitles (SRT) • Use as an alarm clock Download Tools: - Bookmarklet to directly download videos from YouTube improved What is a bookmarklet? Free software. No installation needed!. - Search bar tool to download YouTube videos Encourage your viewers to save your videos!: So easy! Edit your video's URL to change "" to "", and put the link in your video notes. This website is not affiliated with - "YouTube" is a copyright of YouTube, LLC. - This website protests any attempts by media distributors to restrict the fair rights use of content.


Recordr | Video Communication

by ycc2106
Recordr is a way you record yourself live just with a microphone and a web camera, and share it with your friends. By using our bookmarklet, you can also comment with video/audio to a web page you are viewing.


FLAVORSHARE - Video Sharing With A Twist of Lime!

by johnski
Share your recipes and cooking videos with the world at! is a growing community that offers its users the opportunity to upload video instruction along with their text recipes. This service is also a fabulous resource for food industry professionals who want to create buzz for their cookbooks and cooking blogs. They can post videos, recipes, and html links back to their commercial sites. Sharing recipies has always been fun...but at FlavorShare we take it to a whole new level. This site is dedicated to sharing video recipies...starring YOU! It's easy! Simply upload videos of yourself preparing your favorite dishes and sharing your cooking secrets. It's fun, free, and very cool. Whether you are a master chef or just beginning we want to see your passion for food! Get started today and share your flavor with the world! Share Cool videos and awesome websites

by mrtagger & 1 other gives you one easy web site where you can search for the best in online videos and websites, collect the videos and links to sites, create playlists of your favorites and organize your collection in a way that makes sense to you . already contains over 150,000 videos from different websites that you can browse through, vouch for and save as your favorites. With a single click of the mouse,'s easy-to-use browser tool lets you add videos, selected text and links to your account—just surf and click!

VideoPartage, simplifie et accélère le partage de vos vidéos sur internet !

by videopartage
VideoPartage permet d’accélérer et de simplifier la mise en ligne de vos vidéos sur les plus importants sites de partage en ligne (Youtube, Dailymotion, Googlevideo, Myspace, Wideo, ...).

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