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August 2007

July 2007

yourminis :: widgets :: Video

by parmentierf
The Video widget lets you add photos and/or videos to your site or start page. After selecting the photo widget add the URL for an image or video on the web and it will display inside of the video widget. You can then add a link URL to the photo or video. You can move and resize the photo/video in your start page, rotate it by clicking and dragging the lower left corner, and use it to create cool photo/video collages. You can also customize the appearance of the widget by clicking on the color picker icon to change the background color and add a transparency level.

Karrine Superhead Steffans

by chernobylnews & 1 other
Ne-Yo And Lil Wayne, Look Out Video Vixen Karrine Steffans Ready To Kiss And Tell Again

June 2007

BPG - Ben's Picture Gallery

by mozkart (via)
This is a photo gallery program for sharing pictures and video from a digital camera with family and friends. It is a single PHP file that is easy to install on your own web server. A major goal with this project is to have a simple and intuitive interface that is easy for your whole family to use. Design Assumptions: (if these seem reasonable to you, then this program may be what you want) 1. Your web server has unlimited disk space but limited bandwidth. Typically this means you have a web server at your home connected to the internet with a limited upload bandwidth (such as DSL or cable modems). 2. Picture descriptions should be stored embedded in the original Jpeg file. 3. All visitors will use a modern browser with Javascript 4. This program does not provide a way to upload your pictures. 5. Your photos are organized in folders like this: top level ---> year ---> yyyy-mm-dd_event_name |---> photo jpeg and movie avi files ---> sub-folders ---> photo jpeg and movie avi files This is how the files are organized for the demo: Features: * Full screen slideshow * You only need to provide the original pictures, a cache of thumbnail and screen images is automatically maintained * Automatic rotation of images based on EXIF orientation data * Videos are converted to the Flash .flv format for maximum browser compatibility and low bandwidth * Video thumbnails generated from first frame * Pictures are automatically scaled to fit on any screen with Javascript * Load balancing mirror feature can speed up image loading when bandwidth is limited. * RSS feeds for easily sharing your latest photos with iPhoto users * Save photo destriptions in the JPEG file comments of the original file (like writing on the back of a print) * Only "admin" users can modify comments or delete files * The original photos do not need to be available thru the web server or can be restricted with a .htaccess file * Visitors can buy photos using Digibug's service * Multiple pictures can be downloaded in a zip file from the shopping cart * Local configuration variables can be save in a separate file to make it easy to upgrade * Specific features can be disabled * Diagnostic feedback to help fix permission and dependency problems

May 2007

Organize and publish your digital life--never lose another photo again | PutPlace

by cyberien (via)
There are two kinds of computer users: those who spend too much time managing files, and those who ignore the problem completely. We're the former--we love to mess about with our files. However, our as lives have extended online, it's become harder and harder to keep our files organized locally and across the web. We're bloggers and photographers and podcasters, and we've got stuff everywhere. We figured that we deserved an easier way to manage our digital life, and to share parts of it across the web. That’s why we built PutPlace.


by benson56 & 1 other
25GB 免費影音空間

Partager tous types de documents sur Internet

by lapeyre & 8 others
Ipernity O° est une application complète où vous pourrez partager des photos, vidéos, de l'audio et des documents divers (doc, xls, pps, ...). Il possède aussi des fonctionnalité de blog, de réseau social, bref une grande partie du Web 2.0.

April 2007

:: Search Locations ::

by rrhobbs
R. Richard Hobbs NYC Area Film Location Scout, Film Location Manager, Film Location Library and Photo Location and Production Services Search Locations


by ycc2106
Free Mac OS X application to upload photos and/or movies to Flickr, Photobucket, 23hq, Webshots, Buzznet, Bubbleshare, Kodak Gallerie, Shutterfly, Smugmug, Vimeo, Vox, Zoomr, Zoto... with AppleScript support and customizable rules.

Vote and Ranking

by kujira_san
easy way to evaluate your artworks by people. Supported media types are photo, video, and music.

» Sagrada Família, Barcelona: An Eccentric Cathedral

by olgerdviz
A mixture of Art-Nouveau, Modern and gothic architecture, a sandcastle looking eccentric cathedral, which will be the tallest religions building in the world when completed in 2026. HQ pictures and video

Les films de poche

by vodkacoca & 1 other
Ce blog adresse les différentes problématiques liées aux films de poche. Ils revient sur leur économie, leur esthétique, et tout ce qui de prés ou de loin a trait à eux. Il constitue également une vitrine privilégiée pour tous ceux et celles qui voudraient partager leurs films de poche.

AccessOWeb le Blog

by discret & 16 others
Ce blog, comme beaucoup d'autres, traite de nombreuses choses mais essentiellement de renseignements permettant de créer son site internet. - Revenue sharing community

by jdrsantos is great place for communication, discussions, meeting new friends, liberalizing, getting famous on the web, making posts on YST and earning money from Google AdSense ad rotations! The idea is simple: The more people like your posts, the hi

March 2007

Kunst mit uns

by ogrisel
Modern art photo/video blog focused on dead animals and kinder chocolate with a german 20s aftertaste.

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