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Easy YouTube caption creator | Accessibility tools, web developer tools, wizards and markup generators | Accessify

by Monique, 1 comment

The Easy YouTube caption creator is designed to make it very simple to create a caption text file (.sub format) that you can then add to YouTube video files that you have uploaded.

Tools and Tips for Creating Transcripts | Blog Accessibility

by Monique

When creating transcripts for videos, adding details about the setting, actions and such may be beneficial to those relying solely on the transcript. Once the spoken word is captured, that text can be used to caption the video (again, essential for accessibility) and repurposed to create products in other formats. Definitely a win-win scenario!

Découvrez enfin un lecteur HTML5 abouti ! | webdesigner |

by Monique
VideoJS, lecteur HTML5 propose des fonctionnalités identiques à celle d’un lecteur flash


Hey! Watch : Convertisseur et organisateur de vidéo - Denis au fil du web

by Monique
Dans la série des convertisseurs vidéo online voici Hey!Watch, sans doute le mieux pensé.

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