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21 February 2007

Christians Worldwide Rush to Assist FloodHit Angola

by YukihiroKawashi & 1 other
Christian humanitarian agencies from around the world have united under the umbrella of Action by Churches Together ACT International to bring immediate aid to Angola as severe flooding leaves some 90 people dead

20 February 2007

19 February 2007

18 February 2007

Online Video Industry Index

by Mal Burns & 2 others (via)
Not totally exhaustive, but a good guide nonetheless.

14 February 2007

Hey!watch : directement vers votre site at

by camel
Hey!watch : directement vers votre site at

13 February 2007

11 February 2007

Candid Photography

by jysmon
The original candid photography on the net.

10 February 2007

DVD Verleih via Internet Online Videotheken Filme leihen Spiele Games tauschen Video ausleihen

by cryllis
Das DVD Verleih Portal ist eine Anbieter- und Programmübersicht der verfügbaren Titel ausgewählter Online Videotheken. Zusätzlich zum DVD Verleih bietet das DVD Verleih Portal Informationen und Neuerscheinungen aus den Bereichen Video Verleih, Filme leihen, Spiele ausleihen und Games tauschen via Internet

01 February 2007

29 January 2007

25 January 2007

All You See

by Mal Burns (via)
Links portal for finding obscure video uploads on the web.

24 January 2007


by Mal Burns (via)
A version of YouTube in Iran. Could make for some interesting cultural insight, even if prone to censorship.

19 January 2007

18 January 2007

16 January 2007

12 January 2007

Dedroidification - Mind Expanding Mission

by Mal Burns
Excellent resource for streaming videos dealing with counterculture, consciousness, music and more.

08 January 2007

V for Vendetta

by Mal Burns
The movie based on the UK graphic novel. Divided into 4 parts, it can be watched via this blog.

07 January 2007


by Mal Burns
Yet another video search portal but without any real networking facilities. It's worth mentioning because it has a good political links section and also emphasises the use of tags to connect various movies together. Nor does it seem subject to the "mass overload" which can make other sites too cumbersome to navigate. Not the best, but worthy all the same.

06 January 2007

Channel G

by Mal Burns (via)
Another fine online video portal dedicated to programmes about the environment and related social issues.

03 January 2007


by Mal Burns & 7 others (via)
New site for checking and monitoring online video posts to all the major portals in one place

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