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une autre paire de manche

by magikmanu (via)
Une Autre Paire de Manches s'affaire à vous proposer un large choix de boutons de manchettes et autres passementeries, des plus simples aux plus décalés.


9 tools for journalists to produce immersive stories | Media news |

by gregg
A collection of platforms which are centred on making text, images and video more visually captivating, interactive and immersive

Investigating Investigative Journalism - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 01/14/13 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

by sbrothier
Investigating Investigative Journalism John Oliver discovers that pretend news is the media world's sole remaining home for intrepid investigative journalists.




by yobogs
Mutuelle Assistance est une société de courtage spécialisée dans la vente de contrats d’assurance santé et de prévoyance par Internet. Nous sommes à l’écoute de nos clients et recherchons pour eux les meilleurs contrats de mutuelles santé adaptés à leurs besoins et surtout à leur budget.


by nachilau
Contains a lot of video about different thing happen in the world. Very cool news video source.


Ligne - Le site

by HK & 1 other
agence de reportage multimédia, polyvalente pluri supports. des reportages conçus et réalisés pour le net.

TimeSpace: World -

by gregg
TimeSpace is an interactive map that allows you to navigate articles, photos, video and commentary from around the globe. Discover news hot-spots where coverage is clustered. Use the timeline to illustrate peaks in coverage, and customize your news searches to a particular day or specific hour. (Many Washington Post stories appear at midnight; others are published throughout the day as news happens). Click the ? In the upper right for help.


Gaza Sderot - Life in spite of everything

by 4004 & 10 others (via)
Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel): Report on the life of men, women and children in two cities on the Israeli Palestinian border. Tell about the reality on both sides. Despite of many dangers, air bombings and rocket attacks, those people never stop working, loving, and dreaming. Life despite of everything. On this website, you can find during two months short videos (2 minutes each) on Gaza and Sderot. Every day, one video from Palestine, the other one from Israel. One without the other only would show part of the reality.

Secret Story

by Mario980 & 1 other
Secret Story 2 est une émission de télé réalité où chaque candidat doit cacher son secret aux autres. Les candidats accumulent de l'argent grâce à des défis. Le candidat qui voit son secret découvert, perd sa cagnotte au profit du candidat qui a trouvé son secret. Chaque semaine 2 candidats sont nominés par les participants. Un candidat est alors repèché par le public, l'autre éliminé.



by lukeslytalker
VBS.TV recently did a story on Scopolamine, a substance commonly referred to as "Devils Breath" in Colombia, where it is a common street drug.

Student News - Stories and Video from

by knann
The Student News portal from CNN provides articles and videos on top USA or International News. Free of advertising. Also available as an RSS feed for your webpage.

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