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Apple Advertise New ‘Romeo and Juliet’ iPhone 7 Ad

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Apple has advertised a new ad for the iPhone 7, ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


Instant Webcam

by sbrothier (via)
Instant Webcam can stream fullscreen video to multiple devices in the same Wifi Network.

Telly - Videos You'll Love

by gregg
Telly’s mission is simple: To only play videos you’ll love. Discover all the videos your friends are enjoying across the web, as well as today’s most popular videos. Our fast growing community of over 7 million members is using Telly to discover and share great videos on our website and mobile

Twitter launches Vine iPhone app | Technology |

by groucho & 1 other
Twitter has launched a standalone video-sharing app for iPhone called Vine, which enables users to share clips up to six seconds in length, which play on a loop within tweets.

Twitter launches Vine iPhone app | Technology |

by sbrothier & 1 other
Twitter has launched a standalone video-sharing app for iPhone called Vine, which enables users to share clips up to six seconds in length, which play on a loop within tweets.


iPhone 5 website teardown: How Apple compresses video using JPEG, JSON, and <canvas>

by sbrothier
Every new Apple web presence does new things using the web platform.


by gregg
Turn raw video clips and photos into tightly edited masterpieces to share with your friends, in just three simple steps.


Technical Note TN2224: Technical Note TN2224

by srcmax
This Technote discusses some best practices for creating and deploying HTTP Live Streaming Media for the iPhone and iPad.


by sbrothier
A tiny way to capture a big world Dot puts world class panoramic capture right in your pocket - letting your iPhone 4 capture an entirely new class of video.

CollabraCam: Defining the Future of Collaborative Mobile Video Production

by gregg & 1 other
The world's first multi-camera video production iPhone app with live editing and director to camera communication

The Witness | 13TH STREET

by gregg
Here's a film you experience in the real world. And on your iPhone. Kind of a cross between real world scavenger hunt and rpg video game. Could this be Hollywood's future?

Walking the Edit - Accueil

by gregg
Walking the Edit est un dispositif novateur qui permet de “marcher son film”: votre promenade enregistrée avec l'application WE pour iPhone compose un film en temps réel.


Other Edition | Reading Room

by sbrothier
Other Edition is the leading developer of iPad, iPhone and digital magazine experiences - working with publishers and titles in over 20 countries and with brands to create great experiences for digital and mobile audiences. Our magazines have an audience of 4.3 million people - this audience is global, growing fast, and they are "super-influencers". Working with Apple, one of our main titles - the revolutionary culture, entertainment and fashion title, Interview magazine - is presented in over 210 Apple storefronts worldwide. Apple showcase it on gigantic iPads as "the best way to enjoy your favorite magazines". We agree - our iPad platform featured in Apple stores is our 1.0 experience, September marks the launch of our third generation 3.0 reader experience. This third generation platform launches 10 new functionalities including multitouch, broadcasting, shopping, dynamic navigation, enhanced in-page video play, brand channels, better in-app browsing, engaging new page-turn in landscape mode, and a subscription service.


by gregg
Around 25 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. It would take you approximately 1700 years to watch all those millions of videos. So good luck trying to find something worth watching on your lunch break. Devour is here to help. Using a scientifically technologically artificially intelligently awesomely robotically humanly system (we hand-pick every video on the site), Devour sifts out the best videos and posts the well-curated collection every weekday. Fewer cute kittens, fewer skateboarding nutshots, fewer tween heart throbs, and lots more awesome. Oh, and did we mention that every single video on is in HD? And that every single video plays on the iPhone and iPad? Yep. We did, however, leave out one thing — comments. So enjoy the peace and quiet of not having to wade through all the brilliant critiques from this great nation's junior high masterminds.

MP4 Converter 2010

by manmac00
Good video converter, converts all videos to MP4.

3GP Converter 2010

by manmac00
Convert all your videos for your 3G phone.

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