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Rare Footage: Haga Junichi, Genius Swordsman of Showa Period Kendo - YouTube

by Takwann
羽賀準一: 昭和剣道界の鬼才 Haga Junichi: Genius Swordsman of the Showa Kendo World Rare footage, plus old-style Kendo footage. This video is kindly provided to me by Fujimori-Sensei and Uki-Kaicho of Ikkenkai, Haga-Dojo, and uploaded with their kind permission.


How to Make a Saya (Japanese Sword Scabbard) with Walter Sorrells Video

by sbrothier
Noted swordsmith Walter Sorrells demonstrates how he makes a shirasaya (a so-called "resting scabbard") used for storing Japanese swords and knives.

YouTube - paris taikai demo iaido j-j sauvage

by Takwann
demonstration deiaido par jean jaques sauvage lors du paris taikai 2008

Seitei Gata - Akban-wiki, the Martial Arts Database

by Takwann
These are the standard Japanese sword (katana) drawing techniques. The Seitei gata were standardized by a formal comity of Japanese traditional martial artists in the late 20th century. Clicking on the links leads to a description and fine points of executing the techniques and to an embedded video of these Iaido kata.

YouTube - Iaido - ippon me mae (subtitled)

by Takwann
This is koryuu iaido which means old school iaido, of the muso jikiden eishinryuu school, so if you practice iaido, don't use this video as a tutorial, but as a general reference to some universal iaido rules


Muso Shinden Ryo Iaido Koryu Kata (All Japan Kendo Federation) - View topic •

by Takwann
These Iai arts were performed by NAGAE Matasaburo, in his sixties (guess). He was born and lived in Nagasaki, received the 7th grade of Kendo and 8th grade of Iai from Zen-Nippon Kendo Renmei (All-Japan Kendo Federation). He also practiced Shinto Munen style Iai. The original movies were recorded in 8mm films, then edited in a VHS tape. It's not known who took and maintained these films (maybe one of Matasaburo's disciples did). They were converted to DV (digital video) format, stored in HDD, finally created QuickTime H.263 format (360x240, 15fps, compressed).

Iaido -> Description of all Seitei-Katas

by Takwann (via)
The 12 basic forms are called Seitei-Iai (Standard-Iai). They were created by the the Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR = All Japan Kendo Federation or IKF). They are training forms, which include all important sword technics. Seitei-Iai forms will provide the basic education (Kihon).

Dailymotion - Stage Iaido Aikido Michel Prouveze - une vidéo Amis et Famille

by Takwann (via)
Interview de Michel Prouvèze, 5ème Dan Aikikai, 4ème Dan de Iaido durant un stage basé sur les relations Aikido-Iaido, de la pratique des armes, à la pratique mains nues. Cet entretien a eu lieu à Waziers dans le nord, le 5 novembre, lors d'un stage organisé par la Ligue Flandre Artois d'Aikido de la Féderation Française d'Aikido Budo Aikikai de France.


AIKIBATTO aikido sword exercises - Aikiken

by Takwann
Aikibatto is a system of sword exercises, both Aikiken style bokken with partner and iaido style solo training with iaito or shinken, for learning how to handle the sword in an aiki way.

YouTube - L'excellence des Budo (Trailer)

by Takwann
Pour son 20° anniversaire - 20 ans d'étude d'Aïkido et de Budo - l'équipe du dojodu Grand Cèdre (La Mulatière, France) a créé un événement hors du commun : Une démonstration réunissant les enseignants qui les ont marqués durant ces 20 années. Avec la participation de: Christine ONDEL (Kyudo) Didier ALLOUIS (Aïkido) Dominique FALQUET (Sao Lim) Stéphane BENEDETTI (Aïkido) Gille ORENES (Judo) Pascal KRIEGER & Alain ROBERT (Jodo) Malcolm Tiki SHEWAN & Daniel LECLERC (Iaïdo & Kenjutsu) Patrick BARGE & Serge DEGORE (Batto-do)

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