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June 2009

Google I/O - OpenSocial in the Enterprise

by holyver (via)
In the year and half since OpenSocial's public launch, there are now over 700 million end users of OpenSocial applications across numerous social sites (containers) around the world. With OpenSocial's proven global success in traditional social applications, the enterprise software community has now begun to realize its potential and build innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise. Join us for a session centered on how the enterprise software development community is successfully bringing social concepts and technology into the enterprise. Key enterprise players will present and demonstrate how they've successfully used OpenSocial software to build new social solutions.

May 2009

April 2009

メディア・パブ: YouTube、膨れ上がる赤字

by kuroyagi
"今年は総経費7億1100万ドルを注ぎ込まなければならないとCredit Suisseは見積もっている。そのうち51%が通信費である。毎日100万ドルがかかっている計算になる。また、ライセンス料も増え続けており、総経費の36%程度も占めるようになるという。   一方、2009年の売上は2億4000万ドルである。前年に比べ20%増えているのだが、膨れ上がる経費に比べて少なすぎる。2009年は結局、4億7000万ドル(7億1100万ドル-2億4000万ドル)の赤字を計上することになる。"

March 2009

Google Street View Time Lapse on Flickr

by philippej (via)
"... an idea for a website that automatically creates time lapse videos of drives through cities using images from the Street View feature of Google Maps. This is a rough example of what it might look like."

January 2009

Neil Fraser: Writing: Differential Synchronization

by greut

Keeping two or more copies of the same document synchronized with each other in real-time is a complex challenge. This paper describes the differential synchronization algorithm. Differential synchronization offers scalability, fault-tolerance, and responsive collaborative editing across an unreliable network.

November 2008 - News du 2008-11-16

by kasi77
Google chat video compatible iChat

September 2008

TechCrunch Japanese アーカイブ » GoogleがVideo For Businessをスタート

by kuroyagi

June 2008

Real World Haskell » Blog Archive » CUFP 2007 videos now easier to view

by greut

[…] the recorded sessions from last year’s Commercial Users of Functional Programming are now up in conveniently viewable form on Google Video.

Erlang, F#, ...

Official Google Docs Blog: Featured video: quick and easy forms

by kasi77
From one of your fellow Docs users, here's a well-made and thorough video covering every part of creating a spreadsheets form. The step-by-step instructions are a good way to get started making forms, and they also inform anyone who wants to help others in creating and distributing a form -- but doesn't want to provide tech support while the others figure it out :)

April 2008

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