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Videopian - Upian Source

by srcmax & 4 others

Ceci est la documentation de la classe PHP Videopian, qui permet de récupérer les informations d'une vidéo hébergée sur un service de partage de vidéos à partir de son URL.


Intégrer un lecteur video sur sa page Web ou son Blog / Playing Video

by prac53
Comment intégrer un lecteur video sans utiliser embed Pour Google Video YouTube et dailymotion

Virtual Tourism

by Cornea & 2 others
Watch videos of famous locations around the world embedded on Google Maps.


Daiko's Google VideoBar Widget v. 1.0 is ready!

by Daiko
After extensive research and even some moderate hacking of the Google javascript for Google’s GSVideoBar, I have reached version 1.0 of Daiko’s Google Videobar. The main problem has as always been getting it to work with Internet Explorer. Someone should take Microsoft to court for not complying with the standards. I’m afraid that more resources world wide are going into developing fixes and hacks for Internet Explorer than spammers will ever cause. Simple standard based functionality that programmers easily can obtain with CSS and xhtml is almost impossible to do in IE.

Daiko's Video Widget

by Daiko & 2 others
Daiko’s Video Widget is a Wordpress Widget that lets you randomly display your favourite videos from Google Video, YouTube and MySpace in your Sidebar on Widget-enabled Wordpress themes. New in version 2.0 is: * Full support for Google Video, YouTube and MySpace videos. * Support for multiple versions of Daiko’s Video Widgets. * Support for Wordpress Conditional Tags, meaning you can specify on what page(s)/post(s)/category the widget will be shown. Click the link above for more information on Conditional Tags. * Automatic calculation of width or height dependent on format. * Optional Title and Link where you can specify your own.

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