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July 2006

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Open Valley Project

by wideandsmall (via)
About Games (Flash & Video Games), Web 2.0, Web Design and Websites.

IGN: Red Steel Trailer, Videos and Movies

by sbrothier
trailers de red steel sur la prochaine nintendo

April 2006

Video Game Voters Network

by Hydragon
The Video Game Voters Network exists to empower Americans who play video games to take action against threats to this entertainment medium and to stay informed about the latest issues that could affect our choice in video game entertainment. Video games are a modern form of entertainment entitled to the same creative and free speech protections afforded by the US Constitution to older media such as movies, music, and books. So join the Video Game Voters Network and speak up for games and gamer rights.


by ycc2106
Digg for funny videos, images, games & silliness

March 2006

Zelda and Final Fantasy piano Medley - Google Video

by sunny
"Here I play on the piano the following themes: 20th Century Fox theme, the Legend Of Zelda Main theme, Kokiri Forest: Link's room and Saria's Song / Lost Woods from Ocarina of Time, Fairy's Fountain from A Link to the Past, Fairy Fountain from Link's Awa

Spore Gameplay Video

by sunny
Will Wright talking at the Game Developer's Conference about 'Spore', which looks like it could possibly be the best video game ever.

February 2006

GameCultura: Video: Bate-papo sobre gamearte

by bcpbcp (via)
Este é o vídeo de nosso bate-papo sobre gamearte, que rolou no SESC Consolação dia 20/02/06. Para quem não pode estar aqui, ou quer relembrar, veja aqui o vídeo hospedado no Google Video. | Video Computer System

by bcpbcp (via)
Um clássico do Golder Shower. Para quem não conhece, vale assistir até o final. É a cultura do videogame presentes em todos os lugares.

LEGOd Video Games

by jackysee & 2 others (via)
用 lego 砌一些 video game screen

Schtick 'Em Up: The Shooter Gets Weird from

by bcpbcp
Shooters are the foundation of the video game industry, dating back all the way to the 1960's with Steve Russell's classic Spacewar. Since that time, the genre has been responsible for bringing much depth to the world of interactive entertainment, popularizing vital concepts like the power-up and the end-of-level boss which are still used in many of today's greatest games.

Intelligent Artifice: Augmented reality cell phone soccer game

by bcpbcp
C-LAB, the software arm of Siemens Business Services and the University of Paderborn have created "Kick Real," which is an AUGMENTED REALITY SOCCER GAME for cell phones. To play, you aim your camera phone down, and the video screen superimposes a soccer field on the live video of your foot. You can see the virtual ball, and "kick" it with your real foot to try and score goals.

Better living through video games?

by zboog & 1 other
A body of research suggests that playing video games provides benefits similar to bilingualism in exercising the mind. Just as people fluent in two languages learn to suppress one language while speaking the other, so too are gamers adept at shutting out

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