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December 2006

Name The Show

by neke
Online video game where you match video clips with TV shows

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

Game Oldies - All the classics

by Tetsuo6995
Welcome to the new website ! We offer thousands of classic video games to play directly in your browser. The only requirement is a Java-enabled browser. Feel free to browse the games and have fun in the forums !


by aakarshan
asian Brain Internet Marketing Center

July 2006

June 2006


by rikaizm

May 2006

Lego Star Wars Sequel To Exploit Original Trilogy

by Antauri
LucasArts is a video game developer and publisher. The company was famous for its line of point-and-click adventure games and today mainly produces games based on the Star Wars franchise.

March 2006

EA Xbox Games

by tagtooga
HTML thumbnail links to each XBOX game's home page at EA.

February 2006

Gamasutra - IEMA/VSDA Hire Spencer As Federal Game Lobbyist

by bcpbcp (via)
The Interactive Entertainment Merchants Association and Video Software Dealers Association, the two main trade groups of the retail side of the video game industry, have contracted Stuart Spencer as a lobbyist to represent their interests before Congress and other federal agencies.

Casual Game Design » Game design at Casuality Europe

by bcpbcp
# Make it really hard. # Have a dozen mediocre game modes instead of one good one. # Make it a 600 MB download that requires two next generation video cards and 4GB RAM. # Price your game at $35 or $3.50 and sell only from your myspace homepage. # Use the right mouse button. # Give it a terrible name or theme. # Award low scores. # Expect users to read. # Make it challenging and cerebral. # Ignore what everyone else says about your game.

Schtick 'Em Up: The Shooter Gets Weird from

by bcpbcp
Shooters are the foundation of the video game industry, dating back all the way to the 1960's with Steve Russell's classic Spacewar. Since that time, the genre has been responsible for bringing much depth to the world of interactive entertainment, popularizing vital concepts like the power-up and the end-of-level boss which are still used in many of today's greatest games.

Intelligent Artifice: Augmented reality cell phone soccer game

by bcpbcp
C-LAB, the software arm of Siemens Business Services and the University of Paderborn have created "Kick Real," which is an AUGMENTED REALITY SOCCER GAME for cell phones. To play, you aim your camera phone down, and the video screen superimposes a soccer field on the live video of your foot. You can see the virtual ball, and "kick" it with your real foot to try and score goals.

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