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Ambilight for video tag

by nhoizey
Le même effet d'une TV Philips en pur JavaScript. Nécessite un navigateur moderne...


Google I/O - OpenSocial in the Enterprise

by holyver (via)
In the year and half since OpenSocial's public launch, there are now over 700 million end users of OpenSocial applications across numerous social sites (containers) around the world. With OpenSocial's proven global success in traditional social applications, the enterprise software community has now begun to realize its potential and build innovative solutions that cater to the enterprise. Join us for a session centered on how the enterprise software development community is successfully bringing social concepts and technology into the enterprise. Key enterprise players will present and demonstrate how they've successfully used OpenSocial software to build new social solutions.




by mbertier
The talk covers many different aspects in API design and contains examples of good practice and common mistakes. Many of the principles and guidelines discussed aren’t new, but you rarely see so many of them summarized.


by nhoizey
La chaîne YouTube des sessions de présentation des Google Developer Days, pour tout savoir sur les API et mashups possibles avec les outils Google

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