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August 2011

Rare Footage: Haga Junichi, Genius Swordsman of Showa Period Kendo - YouTube

by Takwann
羽賀準一: 昭和剣道界の鬼才 Haga Junichi: Genius Swordsman of the Showa Kendo World Rare footage, plus old-style Kendo footage. This video is kindly provided to me by Fujimori-Sensei and Uki-Kaicho of Ikkenkai, Haga-Dojo, and uploaded with their kind permission.

December 2010

September 2009

Muso Shinden Ryo Iaido Koryu Kata (All Japan Kendo Federation) - View topic •

by Takwann
These Iai arts were performed by NAGAE Matasaburo, in his sixties (guess). He was born and lived in Nagasaki, received the 7th grade of Kendo and 8th grade of Iai from Zen-Nippon Kendo Renmei (All-Japan Kendo Federation). He also practiced Shinto Munen style Iai. The original movies were recorded in 8mm films, then edited in a VHS tape. It's not known who took and maintained these films (maybe one of Matasaburo's disciples did). They were converted to DV (digital video) format, stored in HDD, finally created QuickTime H.263 format (360x240, 15fps, compressed).

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