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2011 :: View topic - Really Bad Eggs 20110706 (Super Foul Egg/Puyo Puyo)

by sylvainulg
a neat clone, but more than 2 ball per drop would make it more interesting.

Disjointed Studio

by sylvainulg (via)
try me ... try me ... try me ^_^ bubble bobble meeting sokoban on DS.



GENESIS Technical Overview

by sylvainulg (via)
How the SEGA genesis works ^_^ Note that they had per-tile priority bits while Nintendo PPU typically had per-plane priority.

Bilou HomeBrew's Blog: modplayer

by sylvainulg
I'm starting a serie of articles on extending 0xtob's XM module player on the nintendo DS with more effects. -- Une petite série d'articles où j'ajoute le support de différents effets (portamento, vibrato, tempo/speed, etc.) à la bibliothèque libntxm sur nintendo DS

LemProject » Downloads

by sylvainulg
Lemmings on the DS, now with all the levels included ^_^


Kukulcan - maouss DS

by sylvainulg (via)
dans la veine de "sokoban", kukulcan nous propose "maouss DS", un port du jeu CPC "touti rikiki, maouss kosto". à tester.

Le blog de Stravingo

by sylvainulg (via)
ka-boom, setsuzoku, DS weather, Treasures of Gaia ... que du bonheur ...

PAlib - Monky [Forum - PAlib-made Games]

by sylvainulg
that looks like a very great game. Graphics are from the game "Donkey Kong: King of Swing" on GBA.


- [Projet GBA - Jeu] Mister Jelly - :: ::

by sylvainulg (via)
un projet bien sympa, qui met en scène un "blob" comme dans Loco Roco. Et qui me donne l'élément qui me manquait pour construire bilou comme un "blob maillé": _le gaz_

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