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by nhoizey
The Macintosh is a great platform for games, with a wide range of options and technologies for game developers. With OpenGL, OpenAL, Velocity Engine, and the Mac OS X development and performance optimization tools, you have everything you need to build or port exciting and compelling games.

SiteMesh - SiteMesh Overview

by holyver
# SiteMesh is a web-page layout and decoration framework and web- application integration framework to aid in creating large sites consisting of many pages for which a consistent look/feel, navigation and layout scheme is required. # SiteMesh intercepts requests to any static or dynamically generated HTML page requested through the web-server, parses the page, obtains properties and data from the content and generates an appropriate final page with modifications to the original. This is based upon the well-known GangOfFour Decorator design pattern. # SiteMesh can also include entire HTML pages as a Panel within another page. This is similar to a Server-Side Include, except that the HTML document will be modified to create a visual window (using the document's Meta-data as an aid) within a page. Using this feature, Portal type web sites can be built very quickly and effectively. This is based upon the well-known GangOfFour Composite design pattern. # SiteMesh is built using Java 2 with Servlet, JSP and XML technologies. This makes it ideal for use with J2EE applications, however it can be integrated with server-side web architectures that are not Java based such as CGI (Perl/Python/C/C /etc), PHP, Cold Fusion, etc... # SiteMesh is very extensible and is designed in a way in which it is easy to extend for custom needs.


Calculate the Targent Line of a Bezier Curve

by nachilau
Article/Code talk about how to determine the tangent line of Bezier Curve, so that we can find the velocity at any given t on Bezier Curve


Physics Free Fall

by knann
This is a simple but effective applet that allows students to measure free fall times and average velocities as a function of distance.

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