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November 2006

Charles River Ventures - about CRV - CRV QuickStart

by cyberien (via)
Launch your ideas more quickly and efficiently Behind every great company is an entrepreneur with a great idea. Yet getting a big idea off the ground takes more than just innovative thinking. Time, resources and capital are also required. All too often, the process of raising seed capital can consume precious time that can be better spent actually building out your idea. Often, that capital can also come at a high price in the form of painful dilution which translates into the founders getting less than their fair share. CRV has created an innovative program to eliminate these issues and help entrepreneurs get up and running quickly - the CRV QuickStart Seed Funding Program. CRV QuickStart provides select entrepreneurs with a loan to fund the work needed to build out your idea, enabling you to explore its potential in its earliest stage ­ before you raise a round of formal equity financing. By offering up to $250,000 in the form of a loan (also referred to as a “convertible note”), we’re providing you with the capital to fuel your ideas without equity dilution. As a non-equity financing, no public filing is required. As a result, entrepreneurs can stay in stealth mode during their seed phase, which is often an important competitive advantage.

October 2006

Omidyar Network

by springnet & 2 others
We believe every individual has the power to make a difference. We exist for one single purpose: So that more and more people discover their own power to make good things happen.

中国创投市场第三季度报告 - BLOG @ GE Online

by jackiege
在2006年8月27日修订完成的《中华人民共和国合伙企业法》就在三个方面做了重要调 整,正式承认了有限合伙企业的合法性,这表明了政府对创投行业的积极态度。

September 2006

MySpace 起步揭密(二) - 盛冬平

by jackiege

资本的连锁效应 - BLOG @ GE Online

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美国风投商驳斥泡沫论 - BLOG @ GE Online

by jackiege

DEMO的中国“处女秀” - BLOG @ GE Online

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August 2006


by jackiege

风投的快餐文化初体验 - Dancing in Web

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创业者有无勇气否定过去,不再做流氓? - 徐志斌

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web2.0只是一场游戏 - 董事会杂志

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July 2006