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Masters of Horror 2nd season: The V Word

by Elvezio
I thought V was for Vampire, it is for Vacuum instead .Awful episode about an evil vampire that try to transform some boys in his disciples. With Michael Ironside.IT>ENG by Google.

Portfolio en ligne de Nathalie Vessillier, infographiste flash

by Myev
Mon portfolio est un projet en pleine gestation. A terme, il deviendra un site tentaculaire, où je pourrai multiplier les expériences interactives, les jeux et les illustrations sur le thème des contes de fées détournées et du mignon trash.


Vampires! The Dark Alleyway

by nackereia
Roleplaying game. Your character is a vampire, and your goal is to drink other vampire's and humans blood while avoiding the slayers (slayers, as in more than one) and the vampire hunters, as they tend to steal your blood. Some vampire will steal your coi

Map of Raven Block City

by nackereia
For Vampires! The Dark Alley.


Vampires! The Dark Alleyway

by nackereia
pretend to be a vampire, and go up levels by sucking other vampires blood.

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