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HTML5 Forms Validation in Firefox 4 - Mounir Lamouri's Blog

by Xavier Lacot, 1 comment
A straight and simple howto of client-side forms validation in Firefox 4.



Eric's Archived Thoughts: An Event Apart and HTML 5

by night.kame (via)

Incidentally, I used to check my work. It seemed the most up to date, but there’s no guarantee it’s perfectly accurate.

Etant donné que c'est le seul qui soit sérieusement fait, on espère qu'il est à peu près à jour. Maintenant, difficile de valider un machin mouvant comme HTML 5 (et à quoi ça sert d'abord, étant donné qu'aucun navigateur n'implémente le gros de la spéc, à savoir les 232 pages d'algorithme de parsing).


HTML5 parser integrated in W3C Markup Validator from olivier Thereaux on 2008-08-25 ([email protected] from August 2008)

by Xavier Lacot
As part of an effort to promote the current work on HTML to web developers, Olivier Thereaux has been working lately on integrating the W3C Markup Validator with the HTML5 parser and checker developed over the past few years by Henri Sivonen.

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