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How to Design Functional Sub-Navigation Menus

by Monique

It can seem brilliant to setup fancy animations and fade-in effects for each of your sub-menus. And with the jQuery UI library it’s never been easier to scale these out into your own solutions, either. But everything fancy and sleek will simply not fit into each design. The purpose of any navigation is lead visitors deeper into your website by the simplest methods possible.

Adaptive Images in HTML

by sbrothier & 9 others
Adaptive Images detects your visitor's screen size and automatically creates, caches, and delivers device appropriate re-scaled versions of your web page's embeded HTML images. No mark-up changes needed. It is intended for use with Responsive Designs and to be combined with Fluid Image techniques. Why? Because your site is being increasingly viewed on smaller, slower, low bandwidth devices. On those devices your desktop-centric images load slowly, cause UI lag, and cost you and your visitors un-necessary bandwidth and money. Adaptive Images fixes that.

How design could save the W3C — an article by Ben Schwarz

by Monique

While preparing my HTML workshop, I’ve been re-reading W3C specs in far further detail than I ever would’ve imagined. The reading experience is far from delightful. Not only is the text the entire browser width in measure, but it’s dense and laborious to read. No wonder browser vendors have traditionally missed subtle details.

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Gamification 101 | BigDoor

by Spone
Game mechanics encourage users to engage with your content on a much deeper level. Users will stay longer, come back more often, and generate more revenue for you. Here are some tips, links, and definitions to get you started!

January 2011