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November 2013

How the Float Label Pattern Started

by sbrothier
I first had the idea for a new input pattern back in August. The idea was simple enough - animate placeholder text to show an icon beside the input so you don't lose your context. I've been doing 99% mobile work for the past 2 years and little things like this can really add up. I wanted a solution that saved space, looked clean and clear, but didn't forego usability.

October 2013


by Paykhan & 5 others
Plugins Jquery classé par utilisation

September 2013

PACE loader

by Paykhan & 1 other
Automatique loading pour page web

A Beginner's Guide to Perceived Performance: 4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Site Feel Like a Native App | Mobify

by Spone
Building well-designed websites on mobile devices is slowly becoming easier and easier. Whatever the method (responsive, adaptive, etc.), if you know what you're doing, crafting a good-looking site is not a problem. But your clients, just like ours, may still be asking for that app-like experience. And creating such experiences remains a challenge.

August 2013

June 2013

News - Jack Kalish

by sbrothier
Jack Kalish (b. 1984, Kiev) is a new media artist, designer, and software developer living and working in New York City. He is interested in the use of art and technology as a means of exploring new ideas through engagement and immersion. His work engages with questions about perception, language, emotion, data and artificial intelligence.

Maria Rabinovich

by sbrothier
I am an interactive artist and designer. I am interested in working on projects in the ideation and design phases, as well as user experience, development, and research.

May 2013

Un Slider

by Paykhan & 1 other
Slider responsive et léger

April 2013

Google map avec une image personnalisé

by Paykhan
Un script photoshop pour réaliser un google map personnalisé avec une photo ou un visuel


by Paykhan
A small library for manipulating the favicon

Menu Vertical Responsive

by Paykhan & 1 other
The best jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu responsive

Ori Domi

by Paykhan & 1 other
PaperFold effect JS & CSS

March 2013

Drop Down FX list

by Paykhan
Effet drop down animé

Fancy Input

by Paykhan & 1 other
Animation et style pour les formulaires.

February 2013

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