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January 2015

PwC. The right people to get the extraordinary done.

by sbrothier & 2 others
With the right team working with your business, truly extraordinary things can happen, whether it’s helping a domestic airline fly internationally or a major research hospital innovate new ways to combat diseases. From advisory services to assurance, PwC gets the extraordinary done.

June 2013

News - Jack Kalish

by sbrothier
Jack Kalish (b. 1984, Kiev) is a new media artist, designer, and software developer living and working in New York City. He is interested in the use of art and technology as a means of exploring new ideas through engagement and immersion. His work engages with questions about perception, language, emotion, data and artificial intelligence.

Maria Rabinovich

by sbrothier
I am an interactive artist and designer. I am interested in working on projects in the ideation and design phases, as well as user experience, development, and research.

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