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HACK - (Well documented) Top 10 Free Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Real Phone Number - dr.fone

by decembre & 1 other (via)
Tested with success for 2Factors : Imagine having to put your email addresses on websites every time you want to sign up for a service offered on the website or participate in a forum discussion. This has left a lot of people frustrated in accessing web services because not everyone is comfortable or wants to expose his or her email address to the public. Although in recent times, some websites now offer temporary disposable email addresses that can be generated automatically for use without hitches; these email addresses are vulnerable as there is less password protection feature to improve security. For this reason, the use of phone verification became an alternative to access some web services. The phone verification works in a way that a phone number is provided to a website to receive code generated randomly via SMS in which the code is put back on the website in order to ascertain that the user is no spam bot but real. In order to guide your privacy, you can receive sms online on your computer rather than using your real phone number. The following sites are the top 10 free sites where you can receive SMS online without your real phone number.

PHOTO - Vote for the Readers' Choice winner of the 15th Annual Photo Contest | Smithsonian Photo Contest | Smithsonian

by decembre
Finalists of the 15th Annual Photo Contest. FR: 'Nous sommes ravis d'annoncer les finalistes du 15ème concours photo annuel Cette année, nous avons reçu 48 000 soumissions de photographes dans 155 pays et territoires. De portraits dynamiques à des paysages à couper le souffle, ces 60 images se sont distinguées à nos éditeurs de photos comme le plus unique et mémorable. Le vote pour le gagnant du Readers 'Choice est maintenant ouvert! Revenez chaque jour pour voter pour votre finaliste préféré. Le vote est limité à un vote par utilisateur par jour et se terminera à 14 h, heure normale de l'Est, le 26 mars. Nous annoncerons le grand prix, le choix des lecteurs et les gagnants des catégories ainsi que le 16e concours annuel de photos 27 mars.'


jQuery - LIBRARY - SCROLL - Tiny Scrollbar: A crossbrowser lightweight Javascript / jQuery scrollbar.

by decembre
What is it? Tiny Scrollbar is a nice and elegant way to enable the scrolling of content on mobile and desktop devices. Its designed to be a dynamic lightweight utility. Furthermore it gives a User Interface Designer a powerful way of enhancing the Ui (user interface) of a website. It comes in 2 flavours as a vanilla Javascript microlib and as a jQuery plugin. Browser support differs between the jQuery plugin and the plain Javascript microlib. Specifically, the plain Javascript microlib does not support legacy browsers such as IE6-8. Use the jQuery plugin release if support for those browsers is required. Source is on GitHub


Switcher: Android joins the ‘attack-the-router’ club

by alamat & 1 other (via)
Recently, in our never-ending quest to protect the world from malware, we found a misbehaving Android trojan.




Social Login - Gigya's Documentation

by Xavier Lacot
Gigya is a social login / users management solution. This guide describes how to interact with social login platforms, and explains the workflow involved in Gigya's way of working



WordPress › Register Plus Redux « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
fork of the popular and abandoned Register Plus with several enhancements, including a customized registration page, user-entered passwords, an invitation code system, and email verification.

WordPress Plugin: User Switching · Ludicrous

by simon_bricolo
lets you easily switch between the multiple users

WordPress › CaPa Protect « WordPress Plugins

by simon_bricolo
provides Category & Pages protection on a roles & user basis.

Lol on Twitpic

by kemar
RT @ericreboisson: RT @jfruiz: - Lol [from]

by kemar retour au boulot :( [from]

DIY User Research (LondonBarCamp3)

by simon_bricolo
a rough and ready guide to doing your own user research (without once saying 'it depends')


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