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Are you building an everyday app? (the LinkedIn problem) - Bokardo

by greut

In general, most people think they’re building an everyday app, but they’re not. When the actual use patterns are discovered, most apps will be used every few days or less. Designers have to ask themselves a very hard question: “How often are people really going to use our web application?”.

5 Design Decision Styles. What's Yours?

by greut (via)

In our research, we found that the most effective teams were skilled in all five styles, choosing the style that best fit the needs and goals of a project. For example, they might concurrently be involved in deep research on a User-Focused project, while relying on their experience for a Genius designed project, and spend a little time whipping out some one-shot functionality whose results would be Unintended Design.

Since the teams are working with different styles all the time, does it matter? Our research says it does. The teams that produced the best experiences knew these styles well and how to quickly switch between them. They knew when they needed to go whole hog and pull out all the stops for a User-Focused style project, while also knowing when it was important to bang out a quick design, knowing the results would essentially be unintended. Those teams had a rich toolbox of techniques and a solid understanding on how and when to use them.

There is no silver bullet.


How people really use the iPhone - SlideShare

by greut

We recently published "How people really use the iPhone", an interesting readout of design issues and recommendations for people designing for the iPhone and beyond. Our presentation on this topic at the iPhone Developer's Summit was called the "best presentation of the conference" by several attendees.

Some of the problem exposed applies to other system imho.



FindSounds - Search the Web for Sounds

by jlesage & 41 others, 1 comment
search the web for material for your soundmixes; various file formats and sampling rates can be specified

photos you likebetter: you are what you like

by jlesage
a charming game in which you pick which of two photos you like the best, supposedly revealing something about you


by jlesage
a page of links to visual illusions and their explanations; kids love these

The Dead - Billy Collins Animated Poem

by jlesage
video by Juan Delcan; model for students about good uses of new form of production and exhibition

Roadside Architecture

by jlesage
documenting roadside architecture in the US, under many whacky categories; this is a favorite theme of mine in photography

Radical Graphics

by jlesage
large collection organized by thematic and political categories; useful for office door poster, flyer, or demonstration

ZoneZero from analog to digital photography

by jlesage & 2 others
a large, excellently curated photography site, including slide shows and discussions of key issues in photography and representation in general; highly recommended; under tutelage of Pedro Meyer; take "tour" first

) ) ) torres21 ( ( (

by jlesage
artist and teacher's web site; under "digital storytelling" are wonderful quicktime movies, often from South America or in Latino USA, with subtitles; an exemplar of documentaries on the Internet

Imaginary Museum Projects - Tjebbe van Tijen

by jlesage & 1 other
innovative uses of image and text in a wide range of projects, many cultural and historical, to create an uniquely online museum-like experience

12 Principles of Web Writing and Design

by jlesage
from teacher Craig Stroupe, who has online many useful teaching tools across tech and cultural fields

Monkey Bites

by jlesage
readers' votes on best and worst web 2.0 sites, sept 06

BLDGBLOG: Container Home Kit

by jlesage
Plan to turn shipping containers into modules for building a home. Interesting blog on space, architecture, and landscape.

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