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BIOS Upgrade/X Series - ThinkWiki

by oseres
nately, these images are intended to be used with the docking station's CD drive. If you do not own such a drive, things get complicated. The problem is that current BIOS updates are quite large, about 3 MB in size. Booting from CDs typically works like booting from a 1.44 MB or 2.88 MB floppy disk. The floppy image is stored on the CD and is referenced in the CD's boot record. Because the BIOS update file are that large, they do not fit on such a floppy image. Thus, they must be stored on the CD outside the virtual floppy image. To access these files a driver for the CD drive has to be loaded. Since Lenovo's CD images are intended to be used with a docking station's CD drive, it is not possible to use them for BIOS updates by booting from an USB CD drive. Another problem is that older X Series (like the X32) don't have bootable iso images at all. They have only two options: 1. update from Windows, 2. update using a diskette updater, which requires you to have a real floppy disk drive.


Bienvenue sur Storex

by fxbis
site de STOREX pour lecteur MP3

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