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liveusb-creator - Trac

by Krome
The liveusb-creator is a cross-platform tool for easily installing live operating systems on to USB flash drives.

2007 - HID Tools

by sylvainulg
official resources for HID usb implementation

The Mass Storage Page

by sylvainulg & 2 others
and now, plenty of pointers to info about the USB "mass storage" devices ...

USB Human Interface Device (HID) FAQ

by sylvainulg
How can an application request a report using a control transfer? How can an application send a report using a control transfer? How can an application request reports using interrupt transfers? How large is the ReadFile buffer? Where is the Windows documentation for accessing HIDs? Why do I receive "CRC Error" when attempting to send a report to my device? ...

Sample Chapter from Programming the Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model, Second Edition by Walter Oney

by sylvainulg (via)
Programming the Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model interesting info on USB HID class drivers :P


Software and Drivers - download HP Drive Key Boot Utility, 7.41.3790.0

by pfgarnier
Utilitaire de formattage de clé USB, permet de booter sur une clé USB

Pas moyen de formater une clé USB

by pfgarnier
Reformater une clé USB "perdue" avec Linux

FAT, FAT32 ou NTFS sur une clé USB 512 Mo ?

by pfgarnier
Quel choix de partition sur une clé USB.

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