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Usability Guidelines: Web Design for Users With Disabilities

by Monique & 4 others
75 Best Practices for Design of Websites and Intranets, Based on Usability Studies with People Who Use Assistive Technology

IntuitionHQ, make website usability testing part of every website project

by ycc2106
Create tests like: Click where you think will lead you to... and ask ppl to do the test. Service will record the click and show them in a heatmap

Information Architects » Blog Archive » Designing Firefox 3.2

by sbrothier
In January 2000, T-Online asked us what we’d do if we could design a browser from scratch. Our answer was “Tabs”. Eight years later Aza Raskin, head of user experience at Mozilla, asked me what I think a new tab should look like. The answer after days of mailing back and forth: “Forget tabs!”

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by sbrothier & 4 others
collection snippets of good designb


by sbrothier
A simple online usability test that helps you identify the most prominent elements of your user interfaces.

June 2009

Socializing - Articles -

by sbrothier now features a completely redesigned commenting system that tabs into the power of social networks. Instead of manually typing in your name, you simply press a button. How amazing is that...

April 2009

Mega drop-down navigation at Basecamp and Rails Guides site - (37signals)

by sbrothier & 1 other
Mega drop-down navigation at Basecamp and Rails Guides site Matt Mar 25 16 comments Latest by Jonathan Jakob Nielsen says mega drop-down navigation menus work well. Given that regular drop-down menus are rife with usability problems, it takes a lot for me to recommend a new form of drop-down. But, as our testing videos show, mega drop-downs overcome the downsides of regular drop-downs. Thus, I can recommend one while warning against the other. We’ll +1 that. A good, related example from our world: The project switcher in Basecamp. switcher Design Decisions: Basecamp Project Switcher [SvN] explains how we redesigned the project switcher from a normal drop-down to a mega drop-down.

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