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MultiSubmit beta >> One bookmark, so many possibilities

by jlesage & 4 others
trying out a new way to submit bookmarks to various bookmarking sites


by jlesage & 1 other
links to knowledge sharing or knowledge management site; larger site is most comprehensive listing of web2.0 sites I have seen, organized into many categories; blogger is from Netherlands

Writing Demonstrations

by jlesage
interactive demonstrations of Conducting Electronic Searches; useful both for the information contained and as a demo of web design and writing instructional media in a library context; the larger site is a resource for writers.


by jlesage
short links page to information on blogging and representative blogs by types; a good place to start

creativebits | mac design community

by jlesage & 4 others
a professional blog and community site for graphic designers working on Mac OS X

43 Folders

by jlesage & 50 others
personal productivity, life hacks, and simple ways to make your life a little better; check out "classics"; good for grad students who need to organize gettting through and out earning a real living

Fifty Ways to Take Notes

by jlesage & 31 others
both online and offline, include clippings or your own musings or both Our Mission

by jlesage
At we have freeware for blindness and visual impairment special needs throughout the world. It is free only to individual blind people for their personal use at home: it is not free to organisations.

Four Nets for Better Searching

by jlesage
how to best use Google's advanced search feature; spend less time getting better results


by jlesage & 1 other
Judy O'Connell, heyjude, also has a wonderful site; this is her blog. All things Web 2.0, especially as related to education.

Transliteracies » Blog Archive » Lisa Parks

by jlesage
Research in the Technological, Social, and Cultural Practices of Online Reading

Screens - Arts - New York Times Blog

by jlesage
Virginia Heffernan's blog; here a discussion about dance and music video on YouTube with popularity that does not depend on the viewer knowing English

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