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August 2010

Digging Into On-Time Figures for New York Trains -

by alphoenix
By official accounts, 2009 was a banner year for the commuter railroads that serve New York City. Of all the trains that ran last year, the railroads said, nearly 96 percent were on time — one of the best performances since they began keeping records.

The Budget Traveller Guide to Sleeping in Airports

by alphoenix & 2 others
For travellers who are REALLY on a budget and are looking for a way to skim a few bucks off their travel expenses, why not consider sleeping in an airport?

July 2010

Seat61 - United States of America Getting there by sea... Travelling there by train....

by alphoenix
Each of the long-distance transcontinental routes shown on the map has one train a day, except for New York to Florida (2 trains a day) and the Sunset Limited from New Orleans-San Antonio-Los Angeles (3 trains a week). Important short distance routes (for example, Washington-New York-Boston or Los Angeles-San Diego) have regular intercity services. It's easy to check Amtrak train times at - just click on 'Reservations' and use their online system. It's impossible to list all Amtrak trains, but here is a summary of trains on the main routes, including coast-to-coast.

October 2009

oostring/weblog » Roadtrip poster final

by alphoenix
This poster (800×1000mm) was designed to summarize and explain the summer holiday of 2009: a roadtrip/ moving house expedition undertaken by my partner Marthe and I, from Norway to England and back. It started as a tool for keeping track of costs, but was developed into a full trip overview as more details were added. Key data such as cost, distance and time are presented in various ways to create a rich data log.

December 2008

14 Suggestions for Taking an American Road Trip

by alphoenix
Some suggestions for a Road Trip in USA. What book shall I bring ? Who shall I take with me ?...

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