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by ycc2106
- shorten your long and ugly URLs - - put multiple links into one link - - protect your links with password - - download files just by one click - - register for free and save your links - - custom prefixes - - open multiple links in one click - - download multiple files at once (eg. rapidshare)

Super Screenshot!

by ycc2106
Enter a URL, and we'll give you a screenshot of the hole page (max medum size


by ycc2106
* Go directly to an event through a custom event URL * Use your existing Twitter account to chat with other attendees during the event * List events that match your keyword interests (coming soon in august) * Find events that match your keywords interests (coming soon) * Link twebevent reminders to your own calendar (coming soon)

September 2009 >> shorten your bacon links

by ycc2106
“ is a bacon-related link shortener that can be used on popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace to integrate links to things you're trying to show your friends. If you sign up for a account and create your own links we'll even tell you how many times people are clicking on those links.”

Useful URLs

by Monique
Useful URLs is a guide to URL design. It contains recommendations of best practice, along with explanations of the issues involved.

August 2009 :: the shortest urls. period.

by ycc2106 & 1 other
# doesn't use look-alike characters, such as l, 1, I, 0, and O.\n# isn't picky about upper- and lower-case, so you can easily read your URLs to someone over the phone, or send them via SMS - Shorten any link. Share any image or file

by ycc2106
! add this to the end of your! links to see stats.\nExample:!\n= add this to the end of your! links to see a preview before you go to the destination link.\nExample: - persistent url shortener

by ycc2106
Save a snapshot of current state of a webpage. Peeep takes a snapshot of your page and links to what the page looked like Give links to protected pages normally viewable only by you. You can ask peeep to store a snapshot of page, retrieved using your authentication information. For example you can send your friend a link to a protected Facebook profile or forum topic without sharing your password with them.

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