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February 2006

ASK - AJAX Source Kit

by jackysee (via)
簡易的 Content Update Ajax library,只需 assign 好 class 就可以了。沒有啟動 Javascript 的也可以直接按連結得到內容,比較有親和力

January 2006

December 2005

Index of /download/nightly-builds

by kalley & 1 other (via)
除了 beta/RC 等版本外,每天都会有新的 nightly build,在这里

November 2005

the Directory updated

by svartling
I have updated my website “the Directory” with some tweaks and sources. “the Directory collects all new articles and news from all my websites, and publish them in one place. All Websites are maintained by Stefan Svartling.”

July 2005

Next Mozilla Firefox will be called version 1.5

by svartling
1.5 Firefox 1.5 "Deer Park" September 2005 Bugs New Gecko, ongoing HIG compliance, sw/update and extension manager improvements.

June 2005

May 2005