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17 September 2008

Expand the capabilities of your Tomcat Web server

by BlueVoodoo
This tutorial is a must-have guide for any Web or application server administrator. Learn how to set up, configure, and secure your Tomcat server, and discover tips and tools for advanced deployment considerations.

16 September 2008

IBM Rational Jazz software Evaluation Kit

by BlueVoodoo
Jazz is a new technology from IBM Rational designed for collaborative software delivery. This Software Evaluation Kit includes everything you need to get started with Jazz products.

15 September 2008

Introduction to working in the bash shell

by BlueVoodoo
This tutorial provides a brief history of Bash, which indicates how the Bash shell is different than some of the other popular UNIX shells, and also provides an overview of the major features available within Bash.

Evaluate IBM Data Studio Developer v1.2

by BlueVoodoo
Download IBM Data Studio Developer V1.2, an integrated database development environment that speeds application design, development, and deployment while increasing data access efficiency and performance.

12 September 2008

IBM Data Studio Admin for DB2 for Linux, UNIX

by BlueVoodoo
Download IBM Data Studio Administrator for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V1.2. Data Studio Administrator improves database administrators' (DBAs') productivity and reduces application outages by automating and simplifying complex DB2 structural changes.

10 September 2008

Speaking UNIX: More shell scripting techniques

by BlueVoodoo
How could someone make a more powerful editing tool than vi, you may ask? The answer is Vim, and this article provides details on the many enhancements that have made Vim a highly used and acceptable editor in the world of UNIX and Linux.

09 September 2008

Evaluate Rational Asset Manager v7.1

by BlueVoodoo
Visit IBM developerWorks to try the latest version of IBM Rational Asset Manager V7.1, which helps you create, modify, govern, find, and use any type of development assets, including SOA and systems development assets.

08 September 2008

Tcsh shell variable manipulation

by BlueVoodoo
Tcsh is one of the most popular UNIX shells. Learn how you can use tcsh shell variables to make your work easier and how to take advantage of tcsh's advanced security features.

05 September 2008

Watch the latest R-Heroes video – Episode 2

by BlueVoodoo
Working in isolated teams has made R-Heroes an easy target for hackers. Will R-Acle Grady Booch be able to guide our R-Heroes to the right path and help them save the day? Find out in episode 2 of IBM TV’s R-Heroes.

04 September 2008

KornShell 93 Auditing

by BlueVoodoo
New features of the Korn Shell provide system administrators and management with the ability to monitor, track, record, and audit every command executed by any user of a system.

03 September 2008

Writing plug-ins in Python

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how to extend your Python command-line tools by writing plug-ins. Plug-ins offer a convenient way to extend the functionality of existing code.

29 August 2008

Build an embedded Linux distro from scratch

by BlueVoodoo
In this tutorial, you learn about cross-compiling, the boot loader, file systems, the root file system, disk images, and the boot process, all with respect to the decisions you make as you're building the system and creating the distribution.

28 August 2008

Developing software on an open source stack

by BlueVoodoo
There are also more tools than ever, and all the most innovative tools are open source. This tutorial provides an expansive survey of the free software available to developers to create and deploy Web applications.

25 August 2008

UNIX tips: Learn 10 good UNIX usage habits

by holyver & 4 others (via)
Adopt 10 good habits that improve your UNIX® command line efficiency -- and break away from bad usage patterns in the process. This article takes you step-by-step through several good, but too often neglected, techniques for command-line operations. Learn about common errors and how to overcome them, so you can learn exactly why these UNIX habits are worth picking up.

22 August 2008

Download the IBM pureXML Developers kit

by BlueVoodoo
Learn how to preserve the integrity of your XML documents and maintain digital signatures to help ease the time and costs associated with auditing requirements.

20 August 2008

Using SQLAlchemy: Python Object Relational Mapper

by BlueVoodoo
SQLAlchemy is a next-generation Python Object Relational mapper. Learn how to use the new 0.5 API, work with third-party components, and a build a basic Web application.

18 August 2008

Take a closer look at OpenBSD 4.3

by BlueVoodoo
OpenBSD provides a UNIX distribution with a primary emphasis on security and cryptography. If you're looking for a UNIX distribution to deploy in the most critical nexus in your network infrastructure, look no further than OpenBSD. The recent release of OpenBSD—version 4.3—includes several new features and bug fixes that this article reviews.

14 August 2008

IBM Data Studio Admin for DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Win v1.2

by BlueVoodoo
Visit IBM developerWorks to download a free trial of IBM Data Studio Administrator for DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows V1.2. Data Studio Administrator improves database administrators' (DBAs') productivity and reduces application outages by automating and simplifying complex DB2 structural changes.

13 August 2008

From scripting to object-oriented Python programming

by BlueVoodoo
Often it is difficult to make the transition from procedural scripting to object-oriented programming. This article explores how to reuse knowledge from PHP, Bash, or Python scripting to transition to object-oriented programming in Python. The article also briefly touches on the appropriate use of functional programming.

12 August 2008

DB2 and Live Partition Mobility on System p

by BlueVoodoo
Learn about Live Partition Mobility, a feature of the System p virtualization PowerVM Enterprise edition. See how Live Partition Mobility can be applied to DB2 deployments, and how it helps you migrate AIX and Linux partitions and hosted applications from one physical server to another compatible physical server.

11 August 2008

The IBM Business Analyst eKit

by BlueVoodoo
This e-Kit provides information focused on helping business analysts empower their organizations to improve communication, move faster, and provide clarity for teams and stakeholders looking to deliver on ever-evolving business objectives.

10 August 2008

UNIX Garden

by cascamorto & 1 other (via)
Ce site contient à la fois des articles d'actualité sur le monde Unix en logiciel libre et des articles déjà publiés dans nos magazines (GNU/Linux Magazine France et Linux Pratique pour la plupart). La fréquence de diffusion des articles publiés précédemment dans nos magazines n'est pas régulière

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