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December 2006

T-DT-B Agenda

by vodkacoca & 1 other
Resource on Alternative/Underground/Independent Bands & Labels. A non-Commercial Resource on Alternative / Underground / Independent Bands & Labels : Punk - Noise - Hardcore -Indie ...

November 2006

by trix
Dope underground hip-hop site - the freshest one around representing the true underground.

October 2006


by shadoko & 2 others (via)
En réaction, 808, activiste du net, a lancé Myownspace, « mon propre espace », une copie conforme de la structure et du design de Myspace. Le site fonctionne comme MySpace, a le look MySpace, à ce détail prêt : bannières publicitaires et liens sponsorisés renvoient tous à des projets artistiques ou activistes. 808 a entièrement reprogrammé le site en php, sous licence libre GPL. « Nous offrons ce service gratuit parce que nous prônons la LIBERTE, Internet est le domicile des esprits LIBRES et de l’échange d’information LIBRE ».


by ianux & 28 others
des ressources audio et video de oldies et de trucs underground et/ou indépendants

September 2006

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April 2006

Interactive comic blog from Tokyo

by tokyoblog
An interactive comic blog uploaded weekly from Tokyo by German comic artist Dirk Schwieger. Readers are invited to submit assignments and can read a comic about his efforts the following week.


by Ithil (via)
Bushgame is getting some great press! Bushgame may be mentioned on the front page of the New York Times technology section on July 1st in an article about video games and politics. There is supposed to be an interview with WIRED coming out some time in the late summer/fall. Also, rumor has it that bushgame is being mentioned on MTV. If anyone else sees the game out there let me know!

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