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No for Tourist- Paris

by vodkacoca
Parisiens, néo-Parisiens, Parisiens de passage, vous en avez assez des guides qui proposent toujours les mêmes bons plans? Not for Tourist est fait pour vous! Sélection 'alternative' de lieux chouettes où sortir, écouter de la musique, manger, shopper...

Subterranea Britannica

by rike_
study and investigation of all man-made and man.used underground places.



by creamotion
La référence des sites de Divx à télécharger gratuitement et légalement

Best MySpace Layouts That Don’t Look Like MySpace At All

by maxxyme (via)
There’s an underground trend that’s been going on for quite some time among those who don’t enjoy the usual MySpace layout aesthetic - loud music, tons of animations, layout that’s falling apart and color matching from hell. These folks have gone to great lengths to make their MySpace profiles as different from the “standard” MySpace layout as possible.

KWEB: Toute l'actualité de ce qui s'écoute et se mate à l'écran en Belgique.

by ADN
Toute l'actualité de ce qui s'écoute et se mate à l'écran en Belgique. Venez mesurer vos affinités culturelles au sein d'une communauté qui vous guide à la machette dans la jungle des sorties mensuelles.

Lake Vostok - Under Ice

by northerndwarf
Lake Vostok is a fairly large lake and its area is about 15000 km². What makes it unique is that the lake is under 4km of ice. This is an overhead view.

DEBASER | music blog

by shulooo & 1 other
>>>> Music blog with a lot of mp3 links. Only good music, alternative music, britpop, indie rock, punk rock, electronic music, no mainstream...

The Fearmongers will strike soon!

by Elvezio
If you liked tv series like Masters of Horror and Nightmare and dreamscapes just wait to see Fearmongers, a projects that get together many indie filmakers and promises to be much more shocking and violent. On cable tv soon.Translation provided.


Gig-Anzeiger (Dorfdisco Kleinanzeigen)

by vodkacoca (via)
Berichte und Reportagen aus Berlin. Rock, Dance und Cybergeschwaum;tz. Das was hier los ist.

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