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October 2009

The wraps come off! - Archive - The Dextrous Web

by alphoenix
The site is a blend of the US’s equivalent,, and Directgov | Innovate. It’s got a listing of available data packages, powered by the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, and user-generated lists of apps and new ideas. This is just right: the data you need, combined with a way to promote the things you make and a place to get ideas if you’ve got itchy typing fingers but lack inspiration.

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Las Vegas, off the record: Incident diplomatique

by tehu
Only in Las Vegas. 1000 personnes debout dans la salle pour écouter le "God Save the Queen", version Sex Pistols.

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欧州の視点 > さっそくプライバシーが問題に、英国版Google Street View : ITmedia オルタナティブ・ブログ

by kuroyagi (via)
"PIによると、先週のローンチ以来、200件以上の苦情が寄せられたという。英国はCCTV(監視カメラ)で有名だが、PIは、Street Viewのプライバシー保護として、CCTVの実施要綱を適用すべきとしている。この実施要綱では、CCTVを設置した場合、市民に対し、撮影エリアにいることを告知する必要がある、などが規定されている。"

Bailouts & Bank Credit Crisis Could Cause British Great Depression

by cryogenius (via)
Niall Ferguson, respected economic historian, warns of other European countries facing an Iceland style bankruptcy. 'Switzerland is first in line… and Britain is not far behind,' he says. While many politicians in Europe like to shift the blame for the credit crisis to the U.S. Niall points out that excessive lending and leveraging was much more endemic in countries such as Germany and the U.K. Yet the U.K Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, like many European politicians continues to argue that the world is being brought down by a U.S. caused recession.

February 2009