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by irols & 1 other
LEGO Cuusoo: This is a great example of how a company can combine different approaches in order to get external ideas and input into their innovation process. They work with a partner on the platform itself (Cuusoo), they use crowdsourcing (10,000 supporters needed for suggestions) and they reward the individuals (co-creation between LEGO and individuals). I really look forward to seeing other open innovation portals from LEGO


Magnum Gold - As Good as Gold

by HK
user face integration via webcam on video


BBC World Service - Save Our Sounds - Audio Map

by HK
Help to create a snapshot of the world in sound! We’re really excited about Save Our Sounds, but we need your help to create an audio map of the world. We’re especially keen to preserve endangered sounds for future generations. You can get involved by sending us sounds from where you live, and then listen your way around the world with our interactive map.


Star Wars: Uncut

by nhoizey & 2 others
Un remake collaboratif de La Guerre Des Étoiles par juxtaposition de micro scènes de 15 secondes, ça va donner !


London Lights – welovelocal Blog

by greut (via)

I made these videos using Processing, a Java-based language, to make these data visualization videos of welovelocal’s London reviews over time. They span from the start of welovelocal to January 29th, 2008. The colour of each dot represents the rating of each review with red being 1 star and green being 5 stars.

very nice visualizations of rating of the time, mostly green though.

The EnviroMedia Greenwashing Index – Home

by tisienpo & 1 other
Les consommateurs jugent les marques sur la sincérité et l'authenticité de leurs discours et leur communication. Des indices, des index sont créés, qui vont peser sur les enjeux des entreprises.Exemple sur ce site concernant le développement durable.


Pour tout savoir sur les chiffres...

by Giraultises (via)
BigNumbr est un site, à contenu généré par les utilisateurs, qui vous permettra de trouver le chiffre qui vous convient. Ceci peut-être utile pour argumenter une position...

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