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Anne Thomas Manes: Why SOA needs UDDI now

by nhoizey
The importance of the UDDI standard in the future of SOA is highlighted in a new Burton Group Inc. report, "Registry Services: The Foundation for SOA Governance" by Anne Thomas Manes, research director at the analyst firm. In this interview, Manes explains why after being ignored for so long, the OASIS UDDI standard now at version 3.0, is finally moving up the adoption curve.


SOAP ou REST, que choisir?

by holyver
Web Services Convention Juin 2004 Comparer ce qui est comparable

Introduction aux Web Services

by holyver & 1 other (via)
Lors de cette présentation, nous essaierons d'améliorer notre compréhension des Web Services, ferons un survol des normes les plus importantes de l'industrie (WSDL, SOAP et UDDI) et regarderons rapidement quels sont les alternatives d'implémentations (styles et REST). La vidéo :

Systinet Registry

by nhoizey (via)
Systinet Registry provides a simple and standards-based means for publishing and discovering reusable business services and SOA artifacts. Available as an independent product or as an integrated component of Systinet 2, this enterprise-class registry allows organizations to easily standardize publishing, discovery, approval and interoperability of SOA business services.


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