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Additions to a default Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex install — Lone-Wolf Scripts

by camel
Last Ubuntu versions enable you to install software by clicking on a link in your browser. If you want to install only some of the software list in this page, you can do it by simply clicking on the links put on the packages' names. This is not a security breach, since these packages are installed using apt-get and your configured repositories. It's only a little helper for lazy people :D


by lecyborg
This software helps you add a little more security to your desktop. It does so by detecting one of your bluetooth devices, most likely your mobile phone, and keeping track of its distance. If you move away from your computer and the distance is above a certain level (no measurement in meters is possible) for a given time, it automatically locks your desktop (or starts any other shell command you want).


Certificat SSL client apache

by lecyborg
SSL côté client Pour accéder à ce serveur, le client devra posséder un certificat authentifié par (c'est à dire signé ou crypté par la clé privée de) l'autorité de certification choisie. Pour produire un tel certificat au format PKCS#12

How to Install Openvpn

by lecyborg
The purpose of this document is to describe how to install OpenVPN server on an Ubuntu Linux system and have it utilize an Ethernet bridge to access your local network. Ethernet bridges essentially allow the operating system to treat multiple network interfaces as one combined port. When used with OpenVPN a bridge will allow you to easily connect external users to your internal network and have them receive all traffic as though they were locally connected. The alternative is to use OpenVPN with a route but that will not allow some forms of traffic through (such as multicast), multicast traffic is important to me as many games require multicast data.

SÉCURITÉ Ssh sans mot de passe

by lecyborg
Ou comment se connecter à une machine distante sans avoir à rentrer son mot de passe. Il existe une méthode de configuration plus rapide. Vous pouvez en une seule commande ajouter votre clé dans le fichier `authorized_keys` du serveur distant grâce à `ssh-copy-id`. Pour cela procédez comme suit :


by lecyborg
Cryptage de fichiers et de partitions avec Truecrypt


nUbuntu - Network Ubuntu

by Bloupy & 2 others
Nubuntu, for the security aware !


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