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January 2008

Create Disk Usage Reports with durep -- Ubuntu Geek

by camel
urep is a perl script used for disk usage reports. It can generate text output with bar graphs to allow easy comparisons of disk usage between directories. It can also generate web pages which can be navigated through the directory structure. This allows easy visual monitoring of disk usage. durep was designed for monitoring disk usage in a more visual way than du. The du program works fine but doesn’t allow a lot of control over how the results are displayed. This perl script is designed to produce output more useful for reports.

October 2006

September 2006

Two Ells » Adding a hard drive to a Ubuntu Linux box

by springnet
dit /etc/fstab and add the following line to the end (again, substituting the drive identifier and directory the disk should be mounted on in columns one and two):/dev/hdb1 /bak ext3 defaults 0 0 sudo mount /bak

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