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October 2013

Olympukes - Desktop font « MyFonts

by sbrothier
Olympukes is a collection of 52 icons depicting the true spirit of the Olympics. This pictogram font is offered free for personal use only and will be released on 13th of August, the occasion of the Athens Olympics 2004.

September 2013

An NSA Whiz Designs 4 Fonts to Foil Google's All-Seeing Eye | Wired Design |

by sbrothier
ZXX, as the typeface is called, comes in four flavors, each exploiting a different weakness in existing OCR tech. The “Camo” style obscures letterforms with camofalgue-style blobs. “Noise” splatters them with digital graffiti. “X’ed” just lays a big, crisp X over each letter, and “False” adorns each letter with another tiny, secondary letters. With each–or better yet, a mix of them all–Mun shows how it’s still possible to print a message that can’t be snooped on by some camera peeking over a shoulder.


by sbrothier
The name ZXX comes from the Library of Congress' Alpha-3 ISO 639-2 -- codes for the representation of names of languages. ZXX is used to declare No linguistic content; Not applicable. Free Open Type Font to open up governments.

August 2013


by sbrothier
Our plan is to release a first beta in Oct. 2013, with the features of the processing-based prototype demonstrated in the video: a-Z glyphs exportable as .ttx (convertible to .otf using fonttools).

Sélavy | Free Font Project

by sbrothier (via)
Sélavy is a dotted typeface loosely based on the 13 punched-out caps on Marcel Duchamp’s 1934 Green Box (LA MARIEE MISE A NU PAR SES CELIBATAIRES MEME). It was designed by Nina Stössinger for Paul Soulellis and his project Library of the Printed Web. We are also making the files available to the public.

30 of the most beautiful typeface designs released last month (April) - The Next Web

by sbrothier & 1 other
Anyone who’s tried their hand at designing a typeface will know it’s a wildly difficult process, and to actually come out at the end with something attractive takes an extreme amount of skill, taste and patience.

July 2013

Welcome to Cloud.typography | Webfonts by H&FJ

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Now all your communications can speak in the same clear voice. Introducing Cloud.typography from H&FJ, the webfont solution for design professionals.

June 2013

Google Webfonts that Don’t Suck |

by sbrothier
Webfonts services like Typekit are great, but for a lot of cases they’re just not practical. For example, if you’re developing a WordPress theme, you can’t ask potential buyers to buy a monthly subscription, and you can’t bundle a font with the theme either unless it’s free.

April 2013

‘Kama Sutra’ Typography Is Sexy From A to Z -

by sbrothier
After giving Penguin’s classic ‘Kama Sutra’ book cover a makeover, London-based French designer Malika Favre decided to create a raunchy illustrated typographic series.

The Kama Sutra Project — A-Z

by sbrothier & 1 other
The Kama Sutra Alphabet is a personal project from French born and London based illustrator Malika Favre.

March 2013

Super Easy Neon Style in Photoshop | Abduzeedo Design Inspiration & Tutorials

by sbrothier
This past Friday was the Abduzeedo meetup here in my hometown of Porto Alegre. It was really cool, we had a lot of fun and a lot of beers! When I was leaving I noticed the neon sign outside the pub and it really inspired me to create a tutorial on how to acheive that type of effect in Photoshop.

Quotes and Accents

by François Hodierne (via)

If you have the latest OS you probably discovered that you can also find accented characters by holding down a letter to reveal its spicier cousins.

January 2013


by sbrothier
“WHIMSICAL, EXTRAVAGANT AND SO INFUSED WITH CHARACTER” Is a bit of what’s being said about our fonts. (And we are delighted to hear it.)

Entypo - 250+ carefully crafted pictograms

by sbrothier & 1 other (via)
Entypo is a set of 250+ carefully crafted pictograms. The package contains an icon font — OpenType, TrueType and @font-face — EPS, PDF and PSD files. All released for free under the license CC BY-SA 3.0.


by sbrothier & 1 other
SkyFonts is a revolutionary new service for those that love to try out new typefaces. The SkyFonts service expands creative freedom by providing on-demand access to thousands of fully-functioning fonts for use within all of your applications and devices. Give any font a try for free. If you like it, pay for it for only as long as you need it.

Raw Meat Type | Vladimir Koncar

by sbrothier
Raw Meat Type is a type made out of raw meat. It’s a part of my ever growing experimental handmade typography project called Diary Type.

December 2012

November 2012

Hover and Click Trigger for Circular Elements with jQuery | Codrops

by sbrothier & 1 other
Today we want to share one possible solution to the circle hovering problem. We'll create a plugin that will take care of the 'mouseenter', 'mouseleave' and 'click' events to be triggered only on the circular shape of the element and not its bounding box.

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