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How Businessweek Is Reinventing the Magazine Cover

by sbrothier
Chances are a Bloomberg Businessweek cover has stopped you in your tracks at some point: Maybe it was the brilliant cat hurricane GIF, or airplanes humping mid-air, or the most anti-Apple typography ever slapped over Tim Cook's face. But behind the provocative graphic design is a smart strategy that's changing the way publications are made, both online and off.


BIS Publishers

by sbrothier & 2 others
This very attractively finished typographic memory game includes 25 variations of the letter ‘A’, each in a different letter type. Players attempt to find the matching A’s in the same letter type. The player who has the highest number of matching letters wins the game. Typographic information about the letter is included on the card, and a separate folder provides a general history of the typography. This is an enjoyable and instructive game for graphic designers and anyone who is fascinated by letter types.


by sbrothier
Typodarium brings daily typographic inspiration to creative types around the world. This is the first tear-off calendar showcasing 365 different fonts. Discover a new font everyday, learn the background behind its creation and several other interesting details. Foundries and designers from all over the world are asked to contribute with their favorite fonts. The front page, which is classic and functional, shows the date, while the reverse side diplays the background info, designers and reference sources. Now, every day becomes a typography day and some calendar pages become a font shopping list.

2009 — Graphic Design daily selection » Blog Archive » Tout le monde est graphiste

by sbrothier
“A l’heure de la rédaction de ce mémoire, je constate un rapport extrêmement inégal entre l’amplitude que prend, dans nos études de design graphique, la notion de “graphisme d’auteur” et sa place réelle dans la pratique de ce métier. Je mesure également la distance qui distingue le monde des auteurs, monde savant regardant tantôt avec dédain, tantôt avec amusement les autres formes de graphisme, et celui des amateurs, ignorant presque tout du graphisme et à fortiori du graphisme d’auteur. J’ai par conséquent eu la volonté de me dégager de la vision unilatérale que me propose (malgré lui) l’enseignement en communication visuelle en étudiant le graphisme le plus opposé au graphisme d’auteur: le graphisme amateur. ”


Corey Holms - Graphic Designer

by sbrothier & 1 other
Located in Southern California, Corey Holms has juggled working for large agencies and running a private practice for almost a decade. Focusing on the fields of identity, type and entertainment design, his clients range from small boutiques to large multi-national firms.


The FontFeed » Contemporary Handwriting Fonts

by sbrothier
The FontShop shelves are stocked with thousands of delightful script typefaces, but it can be difficult to find those that convincingly simulate handwriting without sacrificing legibility. We culled from our collection the best handwriting typefaces in various writing styles — from print to cursive, simple to swashy. Read more about our selected favorites in this week’s newsletter.

"Play, Live, Create" IKEA ads by Jung von Matt

by sbrothier & 1 other
We're really feeling these smart, simple, and well "planned" graphics for IKEA by German designer Jung von Matt.

Griskevicius Jurgis -

by sbrothier
It is the second year of working for the oldest jazz festival in Lithuania. It is not only the oldest but it is known for its experimental and innovative programme. Works include invitations, t-shirts, posters and various promotional material.

feltron vii

by sbrothier & 2 others
Feltron annual report / nice charts & use of types /

Free Fonts

by Kristof (via)
WC FONTS is a graphic design actor which specializes in designing and producing typefaces. WC FONTS create a large freeware fonts BTA collection. Enjoy it!

design et typo » Blog Archive » Jacques Séguéla | typographie des marques et l’avenir de la presse quotidienne

by sbrothier
Séguela, "le poids des mots, le choc des photos", cite Mao et le dénigre de la typographie sur le web... ah société destructrice.... insupportable...


Before & After magazine

by sbrothier & 15 others
Before & After magazine has been sharing its practical approach to graphic design since 1990. Because our modern world has made designers of us all (ready or not), Before & After is dedicated to making graphic design understandable, useful and even fun for everyone.

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