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marmalade bleue

by sbrothier
Danielle Evans is an urban Columbus, Ohio native. She derives great pleasure in walking everywhere, taking food photos on instagram, and being 'the cool aunt'. Her heartstrings are plucked by lettering and typography, which she exhibits through brush pen, paper cutting and most notably, dimensional type. She art directs, food styles, and collaborates with personable and quirky clients to achieve authentic, evocative, and approachable work for editorials and advertising.



See It, Read It, Eat It

by sbrothier
Japanese graphic designer Masaaki Hiromura has made pictograms an integral part of the kanji characters he created for Tokyo’s Kitasenjyu Marui department store to come up with food words that can be understood in any language. The silhouette of the food appropriately replaces a stroke in the word so it can be read as text. Although Hiromura was probably focused on devising a witty and graphically interesting way to communicate to multinational customers who frequent the store, this display seems like the reverse of how written languages began in many ancient cultures. Japanese and Chinese characters started as pictographs, ideographic symbols describing objects and actions. Over time, these characters became less pictographic and ideographic and more visually abstract. What’s amusing about these pictogram characters is that we’ve come full circle.


Robert J. Bolesta

by sbrothier
Value Pack Alphabet made of raw hamburger. Each character hand-shaped, packaged, and photographed individually. HOME

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