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How Businessweek Is Reinventing the Magazine Cover

by sbrothier
Chances are a Bloomberg Businessweek cover has stopped you in your tracks at some point: Maybe it was the brilliant cat hurricane GIF, or airplanes humping mid-air, or the most anti-Apple typography ever slapped over Tim Cook's face. But behind the provocative graphic design is a smart strategy that's changing the way publications are made, both online and off.

TDC Typeface Design Winners 2014 | The Type Directors Club

by sbrothier
There was a total of only 24 entries selected by the jury from nearly 200 submitted from 29 countries. These winners will will be included in the Annual of the Type Directors Club, Typography 35 and also included in 7 exhibitions touring cities in the United States, Canada, England, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.




La Macrotypographie de la page Web

by ghis & 2 others (via)
Présentation de la macrotypographie des pages Web à ParisWeb.

Information Architects – Web Design is 95% Typography

by ghis & 2 others (via)
Good article about web design and typography. List of useful links at the end of the article.

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