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New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual

by sbrothier & 1 other
This site is dedicated to serve as an archival record of a first edition NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual designed by Massimo Vignelli of Unimark International. The manual was found in a locker beneath old gym clothes. Roll over the images to magnify. Enjoy.



by sbrothier
Hiragana type with objects


The Typographic Desk Reference (TDR)

by sbrothier & 1 other
A quick reference guide of typographic terms and classification with definitions of form and usage for Latin based writing systems. Handy for the desk, the TDR contains over a thousand facts on typography.


Cozy Lummox

by sbrothier
Eric Skillman: I'm a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, mostly making DVDs at my day job with The Criterion Collection, though I try my hand at books and such occasionally.



by sbrothier
ONE OF THE MOST DELIGHTFUL AND INNOVATIVE POP-UP BOOKS I HAVE EVER SEEN.—Robert Sabuda From the lenticular cover that changes with the angle of your hands, all the way to the Z, ABC3D is as much a work of art as it is a pop-up book. Each of the 26 dimensional letters move and change before your eyes. C turns into D with a snap. M stands at attention. X becomes Y with a flick of the wrist. And then there's U... Boldly conceived and brilliantly executed with a striking black, red, and white palette, this is a book that readers and art lovers of all ages will treasure for years to come. MARION BATAILLE is graphic and book designer who has never before been published in this country. She lives in Paris. This is just a hand-made mock-up of the actual book which publishes in Oct. 2008. We couldn't be more excited about it.

2007 | Typographic Links

by sbrothier
This is a stunningly fresh and appealing approach to physical tagging, folksonomy or maps of relatedness. Typographic Links is a collectable hand-sewn publication, which maps interesting links and connections through the world of typography. The aim was to create a book and accompanying poster that took a light-hearted look at typographic practice. Thread is used to create three-dimensional hyperlinks that guide the reader through the pages of the book.

Space Alphabet

by sbrothier
In honor of Sputnik 1, 50 years later (on Oct. 4th), I present to you all a nice little gem of a book I got off of ebay about a year ago: Space Alphabet (1964) by Irene Zacks. Pictures by Peter P. Plasencia. It's the entire book. I normally don't do this, but it's just too good not to share it all.

Bienvenue chez Textes Rares

by sbrothier
Témoignages sur le monde de l'édition du XVe au XIXe siècle, textes et images / Texts and pictures from the 15th to the 19th century

Body Type -- Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh by Ina Saltz

by sbrothier & 1 other
"BODY TYPE: Intimate Messages Etched in Flesh" is the first book devoted entirely to typographic tattoos. It has been called INSPIRING, SHOCKING, AND VOYEURISTIC... BODY TYPE explores the ideas and emotions behind this indelible commitment.

Slanted TypoBlog 3 interessante Bücher

by sbrothier
>> The Visual Dictionary of Graphic Design (Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris) >> Left to Right: The Cultural Shift from Words to Pictures (David Crow) >> The Fundamentals of Typography (Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris)

2006 Grid Systems in Graphic Design: Books: Josef Muller-Brockmann,Josef Muller - Brockmann

by sbrothier
From a professional for professionals, here is the definitive word on using grid systems in graphic design. Though Muller-Brockman first presented hi interpretation of grid in 1961, this text is still useful today for anyone working in the latest computer-assisted design. With examples on how to work correctly at a conceptual level and exact instructions for using all of the systems (8 to 32 fields), this guidebook provides a crystal-clear framework for problem-solving. Dimension: 81/2 x 113/4 inches, English & German Text, 357 b&w examples and illustrations.

FontBook: Digital Typeface Compendium from FontShop

by sbrothier
FontBook is the only guide that compiles original, digital typefaces from multiple manufacturers and presents them in a systematic way. FontBook is all-inclusive, with typefaces both old and new. It contains all the classics of the art of printing, insofar as they are available digitally, as well as the latest font releases and extensions. FontBook is a type encyclopedia with an abundance of carefully researched notes on type designers, year of publication, similar fonts, and additional language versions. : Fontbox pdfs

by sbrothier
Many of the PDF files above are representations from the FontBox, a new, more flexible medium for sourcing and selecting type. This unique unit stores showings from each of the manufacturers we represent - building ultimately into a complete reference library of fonts and services. These listings will provide a showing from each of the manufacturers we represent - building ultimately into a complete reference library of fonts and services, all of which can be stored in the FontBox: a new, more flexible medium for sourcing and selecting type.

Adobe Store - Adobe Type Library Reference Book, OpenType Edition

by sbrothier (via)
A handy visual reference for selecting typefaces The Adobe® Type Reference Guide is a 300-page hardcopy book that contains showings for all Adobe Type Library fonts, as well as useful information about the OpenType font format, typographic classifications, and character sets.

Linotype Font Products - Brochures

by sbrothier
Sift through all of the Linotype library’s typeface families by using this simple reference work; hot off the press, this book is the new “bible” of Linotype fonts! The book’s classically designed pages are bound together inside a beautiful hardcover, with light embossing on the front and spine. Linotype’s typeface families are shown grouped together in the following seven categories: Sans Serif, Serif, Script and Brush, Decorative and Display, Uncial and Blackletter, Pi and Symbol, Central European and Non-Latin.


Thinking With Type

by sbrothier & 20 others
This site is the on-line companion to the book Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students, by Ellen Lupton (Princeton Architectural Press, 2004).

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