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Accessible Web Typography

by Monique
La version html d'un ebook assez complet

Typography for Lawyers

by Monique

Seven essential qualities of open source


Cufon vs SIFR vs FLIR | Clayton McIlrath

by Monique

Typography is a very important element to design, and it’s quite a shame that for the past decade we’ve resorted to using images to display this element


Comic Sans: The Font Everyone Loves to Hate

by Monique
It seems like every designer out there has an opinion about the Comic Sans font, and it seems the overwhelming majority of those opinions are negative. How has a single font become the focus of so much ire? And what, exactly, is behind all the hate?

Typography on the Web: Questions for Jeffrey Zeldman—Part 1

by Monique
Remember when the only typefaces you could use on a website were Georgia, Verdana, Helvetica, and a few others? We are now on the verge of a new age of typographic diversity.


FileFormat.Info · The Digital Rosetta Stone

by Monique & 7 others
Une mine d'informations sur les extensions et formats de fichier, les types d'encodage, les caractères et polices, les types MIME... et des outils de conversion.


75 Helpful Web Design Resources

by Monique & 11 others (via)
Tous en anglais, beaucoup de connus, mais c'est bien de les avoir regroupés.

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