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02 September 2005

30 August 2005

24 August 2005

23 August 2005

Fonts For Flash

by vdl2_création
Fontes pixel pour flash.

20 August 2005

19 August 2005

Afterchaos :::Essays::: [Using pixelfonts] :::

by vdl2_création
Autre article sur l'utilisation des fontes pixel

Web Page Design for Designers - Pixel Fonts

by vdl2_création
Explication sur l'utilisation des fontes pixel dans flash.

WhatTheFont : MyFonts

by vdl2_création & 91 others
Utilitaire servant à identifier et trouver des fontes spécifiques sur le web.

Identifont - identify fonts and typefaces

by vdl2_création & 20 others
Utilitaire très pratique servant à identifier la typo.


by arnet & 1 other (via)
Typo is a lean engine that makes blogging easy

08 August 2005

31 July 2005

25 July 2005

mezzoblue § Glyphs

by fastclemmy & 1 other
A bit more background follows, and then some usage analysis. Interspersed throughout this article are various Unicode characters; it’s highly unlikely that your browser/OS knows what to do with all of them.

22 July 2005

sIFR, TrueType, and PostScript fonts - FONTSMACK

by fastclemmy & 5 others
FONTSMACK is a repository of sIFR fonts along with TrueType and PostScript fonts. sIFR fonts are Macromedia Flash files (SWFs) that you can easily drop into your site. Instantly, you’ll have custom designed fonts that make your web site POP! If you are new to using sIFR or aren’t even sure what it is, be sure to check out the sIFR Resources and the about page.