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May 2007


by ycc2106 & 3 others
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by springnet
post to twitter jaiku and your blog at the same time using jott

TipMonkies » Blog Archive » 10 great tools to help you Twitter better

by springnet
So you’re completely obsessed with Twitter and want to get the most you can out of your experience? How about trying some of these tools to enhance your experience!?

April 2007

March 2007


by springnet & 1 other
Soon you will find more .... In the meantime you find a blog ... Whats new in v0.2 ... and a little twitter submitter tool for windows so you can twitter in the meantime. The tool is still early beta, but will improve over time.

Webware: Cool Web apps for everyone

by springnet & 8 others
Say No to boxed software! The future of applications is online delivery and access. Software is passé. Webware is the new way to get things done.


by gialloporpora
Twitter è il fenomeno del momento, quasi tutti ne parlano. Di cosa si tratta ? E' un servizio che permette di informare gli altri su cosa si sta facendo. Basta iscriversi e postare un piccolo messaggio e questo sarà visibile in un feed a tutti i vostri amici :-). Volevo segnalare, a chi stesse usando Twitter, questa nuova estensione per Firefox/Flock: TwitterBar, che permette di postare direttamente da barra degli indirizzi. Chi non vuole usare l'estensione può sempre usare questo search plugin per postare velocemente su Twitter.

Ross Mayfield's Weblog: Twitter Tips the Tuna

by springnet & 1 other
On Wednesday, Twitter tipped the tuna. By that I mean it started peaking. Adoption amongst the people I know seemed to double immediately, an apparent tipping point.

Twadget — The Twitter Vista Sidebar Gadget

by springnet
Well, Vista has officially been released, so whether you stood in line like a spod at a midnight opening, or have been running that copy you got off BitTorrent two months ago, feel free to download the latest version of Twadget and get your Twitter on!

Twitter Fan Wiki - This is the unofficial place where Tw...

by springnet & 1 other
Since the Twitter folks haven't put up a wiki yet, it seemed like a good idea to get one going out of the community. Lately there's been a bunch of scripts and other cool ideas pushed forward and it's finally time that we had a place to bring them all tog

February 2007


by springnet & 7 others
Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends. Bloggers can use it as a m

January 2007