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FullContact Person API | Add social profile data to your contacts

by srcmax
Query by email address, Twitter username, Facebook ID or phone number. FullContact’s Person API finds publicly-available social profiles, profile photos, basic demographics and social influence.

Twitter Isn't As Democratic As You Think | ThinkProgress

by sbrothier
But while social media revolutionizes how the world responds to political and social events, it may be a double-edged sword. Researchers warned that the tendency to fixate on a small number of opinions encourages the proliferation of rumors, misinformation, and political polarization.

Twitter buys social data provider Gnip, stock soars | Reuters

by sbrothier
The company previously allowed third-party firms such as Gnip, Datasift and Dataminr to buy access to the tweets and then re-sell that data to corporate clients.


Twitter Shows The Way Forward With Do Not Track | Electronic Frontier Foundation

by sbrothier (via)
Twitter Shows The Way Forward With Do Not Track Twitter today announced a new way of targeting advertisements for its users, including a partnership with three online tracking firms: media6degrees (m6d), Chango, and Adara. This new system will display ads based on your behavior and reading habits, which show up as "Promoted Tweets" or "Promoted Accounts." This is typical of the direction that major online companies are moving. But Twitter has made some praiseworthy design decisions:

Why Twitter’s ad-tracking system is actually great news for the Do Not Track camp | VentureBeat

by sbrothier
In matters of Do Not Track, Twitter is doing things very, very right. The company unveiled yesterday its new ad retargeting effort, which lets it display advertisements to users based on their browsing activity. Basically, if you search for something like jeans online, you’re going to start a lot more advertisements for jeans in your Twitter feed. As Twitter argues, it’s all about seeing better, more relevant ads (and making more money from advertisers).



Twitt(url)y - Real-time Link Tracking on Twitter

by 4004 & 4 others
Twitt(url)y is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.


by antoine & 5 others
Enter the URL you'd like to shorten, tweet and track


Stalking 2.0: The Websites that Track Your Every Move (Voluntarily!)

by springnet
we round up 12 services that want to track your every move - voluntarily. of interest to twitterers.

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